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Last year when Shovel Knight released on the Wii U and the 3DS, players new to the genre and classic retro players alike, went absolutely crazy. The 2D 8-bit, pixelated game created so much buzz that Yacht Club Games decided to release it on other platforms, and behold – Shovel Knight now arrives on the Playstation platforms.

Yacht Club Games weaves a creative story that revolves around Shovel Knight and his partner Shield Knight. These two Knights are very close, but are later separated by some tragic magical event. The land that they are sworn to protect is now abandoned, leaving it open for anyone to claim. And that’s exactly what happens when the evil Enchantress and her following of evil doers (a.k.a. the No Quaters) ravish the land that Shovel Knight once protected. With Shovel Knight fed up with the new way of the land, he sets out on an adventure to bring balance to the Kingdom he once loved. This is where our game begins. The player will go through many different areas, from ice terrains to a flying ship. All of these stages are substantial, as Shovel Knight must confront the Enchantress’ No Quaters. Shovel Knight must fight through all 8 of them if he wants to stop the Enchantress at the Tower of Fate.


The first intro to the game offers quick tutorials on the game’s controls: Move, Jump, and Attack. The simple control scheme may seem easy at first, but as the game progresses it gets more difficult and complex. Players will need to master these 3 simple controls if they want to succeed in this game. When killing enemies you will gain gold, and this allows you to return to town, the main hub, to trade it in for upgrades to help Shovel Knight fight better. Various amount of upgrades are accessible to the players in town, from larger health bar upgrades to new throwable items.

The level design from Yacht Club Games is impeccable. They are made up of elements that seem inspired from great retro games like Castlevania, Duck Tales and Mega Man. Shovel Knight for the most part resembles Mega Man, especially when it comes to boss battles. The only difference is that Shovel Knight is a little bit more forgiving, thereby allowing players to reach checkpoints instead of restarting the whole level from the beginning again. This is a good thing for their sake, because if it were too difficult, players could easily give up on this game completely.


Remember that patience is KEY in Shovel Knight. Countless times did my impatience lead to silly deaths that could have easily been avoided. One tip of advice, don’t rush through the level. The time will come when you must make the jump or risk having your enemy strike you down first. A cool feature in the Playstation version of Shovel Knight is that players will come across a Playstation iconic character, Kratos. From the well known God of War series, players will now have the ability to fight Kratos as a boss. It’s cool to see an iconic character such as Kratos make a crossover into an Indie game.

The aesthetics of Shovel Knight are beautiful, from the different type of enemies to the scenic backgrounds of the Tower of Fate, it all feels really well done and most importantly, done with care. You can easily tell that each level was methodically planned out, providing for enough variety throughout the game so that the gameplay will not get too repetitive too quick. The bosses in particular are creatively done as well. Mole Knight, Polar Knight and Specter Knight are my personal favorites, for both their design and their battles.

The 8-bit genre is making a comeback in recent years and Shovel Knight takes advantage of it, making their colors pop and creating interesting characters to stand out from a crowd of similar games.


There’s a couple of pros and cons when it comes to the game’s sound. The music does a great job to create the atmosphere for a retro game, but it could easily get on your nerves quickly too. During hard and frustrating times, the repetitive music could be a major distraction, which could cause you to make some irrational decisions in the game.

Besides that, when you are going through an easy part or when you pass the level that had you struggling for a while, you may learn to appreciate the music for what it’s designed to do. Each setting also has a different type of mood of music, giving more layer of variety to each level than just different scenery.

Shovel Knight on the Playstation feels perfect. The ability to play across 3 platforms, especially the Vita on the go, is a great implemented feature.  Retro-style games are really coming back on full force. Just this month alone we have games like Axiom Verge, Miami Hotline, and now Shovel Knight. All these games take classic elements and turns them into modern gems. These games are perfect for people who want a challenge, like retro-style games or anyone who loves great gameplay with a great, well-rounded story. So have you played Shovel Knight yet? Let us help one of you get a chance to play Shovel Knight for free. Thanks to Yacht Club Games, we have 1 free code to give away to the FilmGamesEtc community. Leave a comment below if you’re interested and one of you will be randomly selected to win the free code. And for all your latest game reviews, keep it locked to FGE!



  • Great story
  • Cross save ability
  • Great level design
  • Challenging boss battles


  • At times, music can get irritating


Gameplay - 10
Story - 9
Graphics - 8
Sound - 8
Christopher Loi
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  • Great review!! This game looks and sounds awesome! I’ve been interested in it ever since it was released last year for the 3DS and WiiU, but I think it’s a perfect fit for the PlayStation with cross-buy between all platforms. I can now play it and would love to get a code for this game. Thanks for the opportunity!!

  • Raheel

    thanks 4 the chance

  • Cormac Duff

    I love the retro vibe and the fresh colour palate. Would love a code 😀

  • hayzink

    really looking forward to giving this a go 🙂

    is there still a code?

  • Jordan

    Yes the code is still available, just want to give enough people a chance to win

  • Jordan

    Stay tuned, I want to let enough people to get an opportunity, good luck ! 😀

  • Jordan

    Our pleasure, stay tuned to the site, I also got some other goodies to giveaway!

  • Jordan

    Thank you! And good luck on winning !

  • Rob

    Thanks for the review! 😀 And yep, I’d love a chance to win the code. 😉

  • Darklurkr23

    An awesome retro game. I was soooo mad when it was stuck on Wii U but now I get to play it on the real systems! XD I hope we get Shovel Knight 2 and even 3 down teh lane. And maybe it can get campy like ” the quest for money” or go the other way and be serious. Either way it’s an awesome game 😀

  • Great read! I saw this available for WiiU but didn’t ever think to pick it up. After reading this i’m contemplating giving it a go! It would be good to compare the difference between the systems.

  • A Parker

    I love reading about shovel knight. I’ve been hyped for playing it, so this weekend I installed some mega man X games I picked up in a recent flash sale to still see if I could handle some punishing platformers… I can!

    Thanks for the review and the chance to win shovel knight (I LOVE cross buy PS 😉 )

  • swipe1

    I feel like we get buried under “retro” sidescrollers that aren’t very good at all—but! I’m very happy to see a game that takes retro and runs with it. this game looks really awesome! I’ve been checking out some videos of it and it seems to nail everything it was trying to do. thanks for the review and the chance to win it!

  • Jordan

    Hey A Parker, you were selected to win the code. Contact me on twitter @jordanbiazzo14 and ill DM you your code for Shovel Knight! 😀
    And thank you for all of the other participants, stay tuned to the site, or follow @FilmGamesEtc and @jordanbiazzo14 on twitter for updates, as we will plan to have more giveaways like this.

  • A Parker

    That is such awesome news! I literally just finished my mega man x4 play through so I’m primed and ready to go 🙂

    I’ll hit you up on Twitter (w/ @dontjudgemyadd) now, thanks!

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