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“Welcome to Paradise!” is a quote shared by Zac Efron to Seth Rogen in their newest comedy, “Neighbors.” The story consists of 2 sides. The first are a newly group of parents destined to make their boring suburbia life… well not so boring and the 2nd is a fraternity destined to make their legacy known. So what will happen if you move the frat in directly next door to the parents striving to hang onto their glory days while raising a child? An epic comedy that’s what! Brought to you by the creators of hit comedy “This Is The End,” Universal pictures presents Neighbors starring Seth Rogan and Zac Efron as rivals in this surprisingly funny battle royale, which pits the 2 stars against each other for control over the suburbs. Seth plays Mac, a likeable guy that has recently delved into the onset of adulthood with his wife, newborn and newly acquired life. His party days are over and him and his wife Kelly (Rose Byrne), are not adjusting too well from all out partiers to the responsible parents, they’re in need of excitement. That’s where the guys at Delta Psi Beta come in. Upon acquiring a new frat house directly next door to Mac, the fraternity gives mac and his wife a glimpse of what their lives were not that long ago. Under the leadership of their president Teddy (Zac Efron), they embark on the journey of realizing a legacy for their fraternity wall. Epic partying! What’s standing in their way? An older couple who constantly tells them to lower the noise levels. Once the truce is broken, the viewer is in for an all-out battle between frat and family that’s bound to reap a few laughs throughout the movie. Thinking this is a cheesy family movie? Well that’s where you are wrong. This film is rated R for various reasons ranging from sexual content to the use of alcohol and other things that you would relate to college parties. This is definitely not recommended for the younger audience who know Zac Efron from High School Musical. Beating out the Spiderman movie in the box office its opening weekend, America agrees that this movie is worth the time.


The setting of this film takes place in a quiet suburban neighborhood where couple Mac and Kelly try and build their future while adjusting to the demands of parenting. Mac, works and provides for the family while Kelly tends to their infant daughter. Throughout the opening scenes you get a feeling that Mac and Kelly pine for their partying days and begin to realize the stale taste that responsibilities can add. “I feel like we’re in leave it to beaver…” Is one of the quotes Kelly throws out during this time. Their new life cuts them off from friends and the activities that they used to enjoy. When the house next door goes up for sale, Mac and Kelly think, finally we can have neighbors that we can relate to and have fun with. As they peer in on the renters viewing the house, the one scenario they never imagined happened, Delta Psi Beta moves in. At first the duo comprises a strategy for politely telling them to keep the noise level down, and begins to get along with the president Teddy. But what good would this movie be if there wasn’t tension. Lines are drawn, trust is broken and the battle starts. Pranks, Payback and Party Fouls, Mac and Kelly have not lost their touch at all, but neither has the Fraternity and they’re not going down without a fight.


First impression of this movie based off of the trailer, is that it would be a mild comedy but more of a family movie. I also thought the movie would just have the fraternity being all out offensive towards the couple. I was indeed shocked to find an equal balance of mischief portrayed from both sides. Scandal, scheming and shenanigans are mixed into this back and forth show of wits and will. Who will out do the other? What will happen next? It’s all the suspense of wanting to know what could happen next that I believe made this movie a success. If you’re a fan of previous Seth Rogan features such as superbad, pineapple express, this is the end and knocked up, you will find his character Mac closely resembles his previous roles. His character profile is still witty, sometimes kidlike and obsessively funny when dealing with alcohol and drugs. The character profile of Teddy, is exactly what you would typically think of a frat president. He has the body, the attitude and determination of a champion. Only thing he lacks, is intelligence of course, but who needs it! This film is about revenge, fun and trust, while incorporating the key values of family, brotherhood and self-acceptance.


The visual and technical elements within the movie are modest. Taking place inside a neighborhood, you’re not going to run across thousand dollars’ worth of explosives. What you will run across is good ole tricks, retaliation, some fireworks display and a very creative soundtrack. All of the music executed in the film places the viewer in a party scenario. The soundtrack is comprised of club and pop hits that’s sure to have you bopping along in your seat and encompassing the mayhem of the storyline. Songs from artists such as, Fergie, Black Eyed Peas, Icona Pop and Kesha keeps the vibe light, fresh and fun, keeping with the young love of life theme. I recommend this movie for young adults, college students and anyone who enjoys a good comedy featuring Seth Rogen.


“I was afraid of missing the party, until I realized we are the party…” If you’re looking for a light hearted comedy to watch this summer I recommend “Neighbors” starring Zac Efron and Seth Rogan. Just in time for summer hot rays, you will find laughter, partying and the attitude you need in preparation for one of our favorite seasons. It will have you rolling out of your seat. Due to the storyline, themes and soundtrack composition, I rate this move 4 out of 5 stars. Any fan of a good college comedy or young adult film will enjoy this movie. Keep in mind that it is appropriately rated R, so parents should display a little caution for showing this movie to teens under 17.



Christopher Loi
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