Game Of Thrones Episode 3: The Sword In The Darkness (2015) Review

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With Episode 3 of Telltale’s Game of Thrones series, we officially reached the midpoint of its 6 part episodic adventure series. Once again Telltale does not disappoint, but it seems that this episode isn’t leading up to the climax anytime soon, even though the developing story keeps getting more and more interesting. This episode isn’t action packed either, but there’s still enough difficult decisions that House Forrester has to make.


Episode 3 starts off with Asher, who is still in trouble with the Lost Legion, over at Yunkai. Malcolm, Beskha and Asher must find a way to escape them. During their escape, there’s an encounter with one of Danearys’ dragons. It’s impressive that the dragon looks and sounds pretty much like the CGI animated version in the HBO TV show. There’s also been a graphical improvements in this third episode. Telltale apparently listened to many gamers’ complaints and fixed the frame issue in the console version. Previously, the frames were borderline not playable on the PS3 and Xbox 360. Asher is pretty subtle in this episode – nothing major happens over at his side aside from the fact that Danearys Targareayn makes a cameo in this game series for the first time which is pretty cool, even if it’s just for a brief moment.

Mira and Gared definitely steal the show this time around. Gared finds purpose in this story and the North Grove becomes more than just a rumor that we first heard of in episode one. Sir Duncan visits Gared at the Wall with some news concerning the North Grove. Duncan finds a map in the Forrester’s home with directions to the North Grove. If you remember from episode one, Lord Forrester gave Gared his last instructions “Dont lose the North Grove“. Luckily Gared has a necklace that connects directly to the map to show them where the North Grove’s location is, but finding it will make him break his vows he took as a Ranger of the Nights Watch. In addition to this dilemma, he also discovers a huge secret from Cotter, which determines Cotter’s fate. And If that’s not enough, Britt, the Whitehill soldier that killed Gared’s family back in episode one, is now part of the Nights Watch. With tension building for Gared, his character and story becomes some of the most fun to play in this episode.

Game of Thrones_20150326212723

Over at King’s Landing, Mira is still working with Tyrion to get money sent over to the Forresters. Tyrion and Mira have an arrangement selling Ironsrath’s Ironwood to the Crown in exchange for gold. This is exactly what Mira needs to get her family back from Ironrath. Margaery and Mira get into some conflict with each other, after Queen Cersei reprimands Margaery for letting Mira, her handsmaiden, spend so much time with her brother, Tyrion. Margaery then puts an end to Mira and Tyrion’s meetings. This puts Mira in a difficult position. If she stops talking to Tyrion, how will she help her family back home? Queen Cersei is an intimidating character, especially when she starts pressuring you with questions, making you panic as you attempt to make your choices. The palpable tension is surreal.


During our time in King’s Landing, we also get to know where we are in correlation to the HBO show. This episode takes place on the day of Joffrey and Margaery’s wedding. For people that haven’t watched the show nor played this episode yet, I won’t spoil anything, although it’s very cool to be on the other side of the fence watching the same event that was portrayed in the show from a different perspective. With madness overcoming King’s Landing, Mira must act quickly and find the money decree that Tyrion promises her. This is where Mira story wraps up for this episode. With Mira’s help from Tyrion, it could give the Forrester the edge they needed over the Whitehills.

Game of Thrones_20150326213818

Back at Ironrath, Rodrik faces some big problems with the Whitehill soldiers. Back in episode two, we were faced with a difficult decision to kiss Lord Whitehill’s ring to ensure peace between the two families. Whitehill’s refusal to carry out their part of the deal compromises Rodrik’s dignity. Gryff, the fourthborn Whitehill, has fully taken over Ironrath, with Rodrik having no other choice but to submit to their rules. Rodrik needs help from his brother, Asher and his sister , Mira, now more than ever. We also find that there’s a traitor amongst Rodrik’s council.  Someone has been feeding information to Lord Whitehill regarding their plans and every move to take them out. Playing as Rodrik puts you in a precarious state especially when deciding what to say to each of the members of the council, including your own mother. This is Game of Thrones after all, so you never know what kind of twist to expect or outcome your decisions can make.

Episode 3: The Sword in The Darkness makes very slow progression but at least it’s all coming together. Asher is one step closer to returning to Ironrath while Mira has the gold her family needs. There is now a more detailed purpose to Garred’s story arc. As for Rodrik, we wait with him for help from his siblings. All characters must get their objective completed if they want Ironrath to return to the Forrester. Now being half way through the series, are you guys enjoying this game? Let me know in the comments below and for all your latest game reviews, keep it locked to FGE!

Game of Thrones_20150326222151


  • Tension is building
  • Ethical Decision Making
  • Excellent voice performances


  • Oil painting art style
  • Lack of excitement for Asher's character
  • Slow story progression


Gameplay - 8.5
Story - 8
Graphics - 7
Sound - 7.5
Christopher Loi
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