Game Of Thrones Episode 2: The Lost Lords (2015) Review

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Returning to Westeros with such fear of what will happen next is exactly what George RR Martin had in mind for his books . After leaving Episode 1 off in such a dramatic way only makes me more worried and excited about what could happen next. I’m going to keep it to a minimum with spoilers because it’s better for you to experience it for yourself.


Recently Chris Pratt has been invading the movie scene with Guardians of the Galaxy and his highly anticipated, upcoming Jurassic World.  Now we see him in our newest character Asher. It’s really not Chris Pratt but we can see that the developers *coincidentally* made some similarities between Pratt and Asher. We start off in Yunkai , three days after the liberation from Danearys, when Khaleesi and her army of soldiers freed the city and its people from oppression. And again if you didn’t watch the show , the game will be a little difficult to understand as the game and the TV show directly correlates. We heard from season 1 of Asher that he’s a brutal killer and now we get to see him in the opening scenes of Episode 2 . Ethan sends their uncle to go find Asher and bring him back home because House Forrester is in desperate hope for a strong leader. They need Asher more than ever now that Ethan is dead by the hand of Ramsay Snow. You would think Asher would be the main focus of Episode 2 but we actually don’t see too much of him.  The focus is mainly on Mira and its new playable character Rodrik .

Rodrik is the eldest son of House Forrester who has purportedly died alongside his father Gregor Forrester in the Red Wedding. It took me a minute to figure out who he was because he was heavily scarred and could barely walk. The return of Rodrik gives House Forrester a glimpse of hope even if he’s not the man he used to be. Rodrik faces a long road of recovery and confronts many obstacles with the Whitehill soldiers. The Forresters decide on a plan to get the Glenmores on their side in preparation for this upcoming war with the Boltons/Whitehills. Players must find a way to convince Eleana to accept the betrothal of Rodrik Forrester and stand with them against any enemy forces that come their way. Two things that TellTales excels at is weaving an excellent story and delivering a game where every big decision feels intense. You may find yourself pausing the game before every big decision is made because there are consequences to the choices you make in the game. This is a fascinating trait of all TellTales games where players will often times find themselves questioning their morals and ethics. In a world like Westeros where corruption is rampant and moral is lacking, this game mechanic is brilliant.

Meanwhile in King’s Landing , Mira faces a difficult decision to make. Her mother asks if she could have Margaery Tyrell write a letter to the Glenmores to suggest that the wedding between Rodrik and Eleana proceed. Margaery denies Mira’s favor and the latter faces a dilemma: forge the letter to Eleana or let Rodrik convince her himself. Now this isn’t the only problem Mira faces for she is gaining a powerful alliance with Tyrion Lannister. The guards do not like this and Mira finds herself in a life or death situation, and this is the most intense scene in the whole episode. Mira is basically the main focus in the episode as she has the most screen time.


Gared Tuttle, the squire of the Forresters, is sent to the Wall ,at Castle Black , to join the Nights Watch for killing two Bolton soldiers. Gared does some training and typical initiation stuff. We see the well known Jon Snow, voiced by Kit Harington, leading the rangers and new recruits. It’s nice to see characters from the show make their way into the game. I feel like Gared is going through the same thing that Jon Snow went through when he first got to the Wall and it seems Jon Snow is looking out for Gared. A question dawned upon me while playing Gared’s scenes – what is going to be his role to the Forresters now that he’s at the wall? Since he can’t help them in any way,  what sort of role will he play in the game? I guess we’ll have to wait to see what happens with him later.


A big criticism about the game is the return of the oil painting art style. In the last episode, we saw a little of this new style but it wasn’t as noticeable as it is now in Episode 2. I even had someone commenting on whether or not the game was broken because the visuals at time look fuzzy and plainly unpleasant. I was hoping they were going to cut back on it but instead they amped it up a big notch in this episode.

Episode 2 is still a great episode overall but its pacing seems slower than Episode 1. We can see tensions building and can safely anticipate that something big will happen in the episodes to come. The game runs around 2.5 hours, which is fairly standard for this type of episodic adventure games. A feature that TellTales uses that I find useful and remarkable is the ability for players to see the choices  they make versus those made by other players in the community.

Game of Thrones Episode 2: The Lost Lords sets up a promising series of events for future episodes in the series. Overall it’s a good 2.5 hours spent and I don’t mind adding more hours to it to replay some of the scenes for different endings.



  • Interesting new playable characters
  • Foreshadowing of bigger things to come


  • Noticeably, unimpressive oil painting art style
  • Slower pacing of the story/narrative


Gameplay - 8.5
Story - 9
Graphics - 4
Sound - 8.5
Christopher Loi
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