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Far Cry 4 (2014) News

Far Cry 4 and The Crew Are Expected To Sell 8 Million Units Combined

Far Cry 4 is set to release this Tuesday, while The Crew is launching on December 2nd. Ahead of these imminent launches, during its call to investors recently, Ubisoft revealed how many units it expects to sell of The Crew and Far Cry 4. Ubisoft hopes its racer The Crew will move 2 million units, and Far Cry 4 over 6 million copies. FC4′s...[Read More]

Far Cry 4 Kyrat Edition Contents Announced

Details about the Kyrat Edition of the up and coming anticipated Ubisoft title, Far Cry 4, have just been announced. The edition will retail for $129.99. The Far Cry 4 Collector’s Edition includes: Far Cry 4 Limited Edition 3 bonus missions and a harpoon gun 7.9 inch figurine of the villain Pagan Min seated on an elephant throne 16....[Read More]

Far Cry 4′s Multiplayer Mode Isn’t Locked Behind a Paywall

Far Cry 4’s development team clarified earlier this week that the games multiplayer mode will not be locked behind a paywall. Far Cry 4′s official Twitter account tweeted: “Let’s clear something up: Multiplayer ships with the game! The DLC Content offers an additional mode, but the MP party begins day 1 for all!” Creativ...[Read More]

Far Cry 4 Achievements Leaked

The achievements for Far Cry 4 have just been leaked and they appear to show new gameplay mechanics in the up and coming Ubisoft game. First up, here’s the full list of achievements and corresponding gamerscore:   (20) Welcome to Kyrat: Join the Golden Path (Campaign only) (50) One Down: Decide De Pleur’s fate (Campaign only) (10) Ov...[Read More]

Far Cry 3 Has Shipped 4.5 Million Units To Date

Far Cry 3, by Ubisoft, was a critical success when it first launched back in December 2012. Metacritic tallied up an average score of 90 from all the major game reviewers including IGN and Gamespot. The game was marketed as “Like Skyrim with guns“, “Thrilling” and “10 out of 10: One Of The Best Games I’...[Read More]

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