Switch, Breath of the Wild Break Nintendo Sales Records in the Americas

It remains to be seen if the Nintendo Switch is the revelation in gaming hardware that the Japanese console giant needs it to be, but it’s off to a pretty good start in the Americas. The Verge is reporting on a series of tweets from New York Times writer Nick Wingfield, who conducted an interview with Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime. Exact sales numbers were not discussed, but...[Read More]

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 Gets a New Trailer

Marvel has released a new trailer for the highly anticipated Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, set for release on May 5th.  In it we see a ton of new exciting footage that very much keeps alive the spirit of the original film.  It seems as though, Yondu and Nebula will have larger roles than in the first film, as well as the newly introduced Mantis. Surprisingly, we get a look at Peter’s fathe...[Read More]

James Cameron’s Avatar Video Game Unveils

On February 28th, 2017, entering the alien world of James Cameron’s Avatar becomes suddenly possible to video game fans. Massive Entertainment partners with Fox Interactive and Lightstorm Entertainment to unveil an upcoming video game based on the acclaimed film. The Ubisoft Studio and developing partners wants to captivate Pandora’s moon setting. In this short video, listen to the com...[Read More]

Destroy Fort Triumph Enemies By Moving Objects

On February 28, 2017, Square Enix shared an insightful video on the combat system for Fort Triumph. This intense footage demonstrates two features known as “dynamic environments” and “destructible cover”. These tactical components add more depth to its witty three-dimensional gameplay. Dynamic environment enables the artificial intelligence (moveable sprites) to interact wi...[Read More]

NewEgg Lists Telltale Guardians of the Galaxy for Switch

The website NewEgg has recently listed the newest Telltale series, based on widely popular Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy for release on the upcoming Nintendo Switch console.  While the game has yet to have an announced launch date for any gaming system Warner Brothers is telling fans that it will be out by the end of 2017.  Following in the footsteps of Telltales previous adaptations, the...[Read More]

Oscars 2017: Winners List

BEST PICTURE Arrival Fences Hacksaw Ridge Hell or High Water Hidden Figures La La Land Lion Manchester by the Sea WINNER: Moonlight ACTRESS Isabelle Huppert, Elle Ruth Negga, Loving Natalie Portman, Jackie WINNER: Emma Stone, La La Land Meryl Streep, Florence Foster Jenkins ACTOR WINNER: Casey Affleck, Manchester by the Sea Andrew Garfield, Hacksaw Ridge Ryan Gosling, La La Land Viggo Mortensen, C...[Read More]

Middle Earth: Shadow of War Leaked by Target

The sequel to 2014’s Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor has been revealed by a premature product listing on Target’s website. The website had listings for standard and gold editions of Middle Earth: Shadow of War for both PS4 and Xbox One, but they were removed shortly before this story was published. No PC version was listed, but it’s safe to assume one is coming. The box art indica...[Read More]

Castlevania Series Promotional Art Revealed

  The classic best-selling series Castlevania will be arriving on Netflix later this year and to hold everyone over until then Executive Producer Adi Shankar has released the first piece of promotional art.  The series is said to be based off of Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse with Shankar assuring fans it will hold true to the games violent themes.  Art design has taken inspiration fr...[Read More]

Virtual Console Won’t Be on Nintendo Switch at Launch

Nintendo’s complete silence on the subject spoke volumes, but it’s now official: the Nintendo Switch will not feature Virtual Console games at launch. Kotaku received a press release from Nintendo that confirmed the news. The hardware maker “will share more information in the future.” The lack of Virtual Console support on launch day is pretty disappointing. The Nintendo Switch h...[Read More]

Rogue One Digital, DVD & Blu-Ray Release Date Announced has officially announced that Rouge One: A Star Wars Story, will be released for Digital HD, DVD and Blu-Ray on March 24th.  Along with the release date, they were also kind enough to share the box art for the Blu-Ray and Standard formats, both of which manage to capture the spirit of the film effortlessly.   If you aren’t satisfied with just watching the movie, Rogue One: ...[Read More]

Next Overwatch Content Update May Contain a New Hero, but It’s Probably Not Doomfist

It sounds like Overwatch’s next substantial content update will include a new hero, but it might not be the one that players are clamoring for. Subtle changes to the payload model on the game’s Numbani map and a mock audition from Terry Crews had fans speculating that the next hero would be Doomfist, the name given to an individual who fights with a powerful gauntlet. The mythology sur...[Read More]

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