Witcher 3 Giveaway

With so much excitement buzzing around the upcoming Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, FilmGamesEtc is hosting a giveaway. One our lucky readers will get the Witcher 3 Comic Bundle for Playstation 4 for free! First there are some steps to follow in order to be eligible for entry: 1) Follow Us On Twitter @FilmGamesEtc 2) Follow Our Twitch: Twitch.tv/FilmGamesEtc 3) Subscribe To Our Youtube: http://m.youtube.com...[Read More]

Sharing and Exploitation of Ideas: Are Movies and Video-Game Tie-Ins A Good Idea?

While I was watching the fantastic Mad Max: Fury Road, I was thinking about a few of the reasons I like it that are explicitly connected to video games. Of course, the Mad Max series has precedence and is likely a large influence toward the games that I will mention. However, I still enjoyed the mix of this really good movie with a couple of really good games I like. And, this is why I think that ...[Read More]

The Underwhelming Generation

When I was gearing up for the seventh generation consoles and Blu Ray, I bought a top of the line 1080p television in early 2007 to experience all the Playstation 3 and what the HD graphics of the Xbox 360 I already owned had to offer. Before the seventh generation, I knew little to nothing about resolution. When the sixth generation consoles came, I was very impressed with the graphics of the Xbo...[Read More]

A Primer On Aspect Ratio

There is a trend that I want to die. It’s certainly nowhere near the level of atrocity that is going on in parts of the world, but to someone that is trained in television and is into film and cinematography -whether it’s seen being done in public or the results of it posted on the internet – it’s quite an irritating sight. It’s a scourge of the youtube video world. T...[Read More]

40 Marvel Movies Rankings

In preparation (or honestly, sheer excitement) for the release of Avengers: Age of Ultron on May 1st, I had the overwhelming urge to go back and rewatch the previous Avengers-oriented movies leading up to this new entry. But I thought to myself, why stop there? What about the rest of the Marvel movies? With that seed planted, I quickly decided to devote myself to revisiting the entire Marvel movie...[Read More]

How Developers May Be Bleeding Games Dry With Remasters

Just because a game is old doesn’t make it no longer good. Sure, some games have aged poorly and may have just been gimmicky for the time. But, there are many classics out there that have stood the test of time. Some new games could be considered something that would live on as a classic because the experience was incredible for so many people. There’s nothing wrong with promoting game...[Read More]

Vaporizing Our Legacy: The Increasing Role of Digital Media Distribution

The advancement of technology and the wonder that comes with this advancement is extremely beneficial to the quality of human life in a whole range of aspects. One aspect is art, which includes movies, video games, and music. These mediums are integral to the expression of the human condition, helping to bring joy and happiness, and building a rich culture. And physical remnants of our culture, wh...[Read More]

Keeping Up With The New Generations Of Gaming

With the excitement surrounding the release of Mortal Kombat X for the newest consoles this month, it shows that the series is still standing tall in the world of gaming. And it’s not just Mortal Kombat that has tried to weather the decades and appeal to multiple generations of gamers. The titles that have been successful seem to owe it to a calculated amount of small compromise without dest...[Read More]

Improvements In ‘Dark Souls 2: Scholar Of The First Sin’

Dark Souls 2: Scholar of The First Sin is a re-imagining of Dark Souls 2 which was released on March 11, 2014. The game contains the contents of Dark Souls 2 plus the inclusion of all of its downloadable contents such as Crown of the Sunken Kings, Crown of the Old Iron King and Crown of the Ivory King. The storyline of this remake comes with a twist to the ending of Dark Souls 2.  The plot will ho...[Read More]

Evolve DLC Impressions: Are The New Characters Worth Buying?

TurtleRock studios just launched their brand new piece of DLC to their new game Evolve. If you haven’t heard much about Evolve, its a asymmetrical multiplayer based game which pitches 4 hunters against a huge one-man monster. With its newest DLC launched on March 31st, they introduced four new hunters and one monster that goes by the name of Behemoth. Will these characters  be enough to give...[Read More]

6 Things To Expect From Project CARS

Are any of you fans of Need For Speed, Forza Motor Sport or Gran Turismo? Get ready to be amazed by Slightly Mad Studios’ upcoming Project CARS. The game has been acclaimed to become a serious competitor to the games named above. For years it has been rare to find games that pose a challenge to those three giants due to the heavy budget required  for development. Project CARS is a racing sim...[Read More]

King’s Quest: New Screenshots and Concept Arts

The new King’s Quest game developed by Korba’s studio The Odd Gentlemen is expected to release sometime between Q3 and Q4 2015. The game is inspired by Sierra co-founder, Roberta William’s eight-installment series that debuted with King’s Quest I for the PC back in the 80’s and became an instant hit that garnered multiple sequels as well as many fans in the process with its light-hearted, ch...[Read More]

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