The Miscellaneous Screenshots of an Xbox One Owner

I’m sure I’m not the only one that takes a lot of miscellaneous screenshots while playing video games. I love to snap certain moments in various games, from important narrative beats, to beautiful environments. So let’s get started, even if this article is a stream of consciousness than a smart think-piece. Ah, Dragon Age: Inquisition – I have a lot of fond memories from my...[Read More]

Exclusive Interview with Simon Franglen

It’s the job of a composer for a film (television show, and/or video game) to peer at the heart and soul of the project, tap into it, and let it flow to the audience in the form of audio. Simon Franglen has been doing this for almost thirty years and has his name on notable works such as Avatar, recent James Bond films; Skyfall and Spectre, and most recently, with Terrence Malick. Franglen also to...[Read More]

Titanfall 2 – Pre Alpha Tech Test for PS4 Impressions

During the past two weekends, Respawn Entertainment has given players the opportunity to test out a variety of multiplayer modes that will be available in their upcoming first person shooter, Titanfall 2. I have spent several hours playing the tech test for Titanfall 2, and would like to share not only an overview of what is available, but my impressions of the game thus far. For starters, there a...[Read More]

Vampyr Impressions – A Look at 15 Minutes of Gameplay

From the success of Dontnod’s excellent tragedy Life is Strange last year, you would perhaps expect the developers to continue in such a direction. But you’d be mistaken – Dontnod don’t exactly play it safe, meaning that they bring a wide variety of genres and narratives to the industry. They’ve gone from sci-fi epic Remember Me, to the most grounded game I have ever ...[Read More]

Nioh Beta Impressions

Nioh is a samurai action role playing game being developed by Team Ninja and being published by Koei Tecmo. The Alpha released earlier this year had over 850,000 downloads but seemed to be met with mixed results particularly over balancing issues and difficulty spikes. The beta being released this month aims to fix some of the problems presented in the alpha and add a new area and slew of new feat...[Read More]

Memorable Final Fantasy Characters

With Final Fantasy XV three and a half months away, Square-Enix has a lot to prove to audiences worldwide. Their flagship RPG series lost credibility over the past decade. Western RPGs took prominence in the market, offering vast open-worlds, sweeping narratives, and well-rounded characters. Final Fantasy XV is Square-Enix’s response to the current trends: open-world with a focus on what Final Fan...[Read More]

Persona 5 Wish List

Since the Take Your Heart event last month, a lot of information’s trickled across from Japan about Persona 5, Atlus’ latest title in the JRPG series. So far, we know that Social Links will make a return in the form of Cooperations. Demon negotiations from Persona 1, 2 and the mainline Shin Megami Tensei games will also feature in Persona 5. I picked six of my personal favorite concepts from Perso...[Read More]

Some of the Best Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Easter Eggs & Secrets Discovered So Far

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is a large game, and one which many hours can be dedicated to. In my personal 70+ hours of play, I have missed out on many of the game’s best easter eggs & secrets – which is where the internet comes into play. Thanks to fellow players on YouTube and the Mirror’s Edge Reddit, a number of interesting and amusing easter eggs have been unearthed. As ...[Read More]

Exclusive Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Interview – Solar Fields on Composing for the City of Glass

If you, like me, have been enjoying Mirror’s Edge Catalyst lately, you’ve probably noticed how big of a role music plays. The person behind the soundtrack is Solar Fields, who I’ve been able to chat with about his work on Catalyst. Enjoy the interview below as we speak about the creative process, how the soundtrack illustrates each district of Glass and more. And, of course, feel...[Read More]

Exclusive Interview with YouTuber Sarah Wilson of Pushing Up Roses

Recently, coming off of my interview with Clint Bassinger of Lazy Game Reviews (LGR), I got in touch with his friend and fellow YouTuber, Sarah Wilson, aka Pushing Up Roses. Other than sharing a birthday with me, she shares a lot of the same interest in adventure games and creepy horror titles from the ‘90s such as the Hugo adventure series, King’s Quest, and Grim Fandango.  Wilson started her cha...[Read More]

Exclusive Interview with Clint Basinger of LGR

If you’re a gamer that grew up in the 1980s and 1990s, have fond memories of going to the store with your parents where you could only look at the shelves full of video game boxes, play games as Shareware, or treasure the rare time you got a new PC game as a gift because of your childhood’s limited access to finances, then Clint Basinger of Lazy Game Reviews is the man you’ll want to know. Startin...[Read More]

We Should Expect More From Video Game Movies

I remember 10 years ago, when World of Warcraft was still fresh and exciting, the announcement that there would be a Warcraft feature film was the best possible news within my circle of friends. Even though most video game movies were bad, that was just for older properties like Mario or Mortal Kombat. Warcraft already had a rich and exciting lore; all they really needed to do was adapt one of the...[Read More]

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