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Batman: Arkham Knight (2015) News

Batgirl: A Matter Of Family DLC Arrives July 14

Batgirl: A Matter of Family DLC will be available to all season pass holders on July 14th. The Batgirl DLC pack is free to all owners of the Arkham Knight season pass or could be downloaded for $6.99, if purchased separately . Its story is set prior to Arkham Asylum, and also features Robin for take-downs. The add-on was developed by Batm...[Read More]

Batman Arkham Knight Achievements Revealed

Achievement hunters rejoice! Batman: Arkham Knight’s achievement list has been revealed through TrueAchievements’s official site. Arkham Knight will have 69 trophies with a 1,000 total score. Heres’ a link to the achievements, but be warned, some of the achievements give away major plot points. As we near closer to Batma...[Read More]

Batman Arkham Knight New Trailer & DLC

Batman Arkham Knight is roughly a month a way and the developers over at Rocksteady have been very active lately. If you missed their new developer diaries where they explain mechanics, reasons for designs and more don’t worry, we got you covered right here on FGE, you can check them out down below: Alongside these dev diaries, we a...[Read More]

Batman Arkham Knight – Batgirl Reveal Trailer and More Season Pass Details

Last week Warner Bros and Rocksteady Studios announced that Batman Arkham Knight will get a $40 season pass, which some fans thought that was a little pricey for not knowing what it will contain. Warner Bros responded to the criticism and also reveal that the game will include an extra mission that will allow you to play as Batgirl. Along...[Read More]

Batman Arkham Knight New Trailer

Rocksteady’s newest Batman Arkham Knight trailer was recently released. The new trailer offers much potential and great promises with the addition of new characters.  You can watch the trailer right here on the site. It is confirmed that Batman won’t be the only playable character this time around. You will also be able to pla...[Read More]

Batman: Arkham Knight Delayed A Second Time

Batman:Arkham Knight has been officially delayed and will be available  worldwide on June 23, 2015.The news came from the official Twitter, and it marks a three week delay from the previously release date which was June 3, 2015.   We are pleased to announce our new release date – Batman: Arkham Knight will officially launch wor...[Read More]

3 Things That Set ‘Batman: Arkham Knight’ Apart From Its Predecessors

Batman: Arkham Knight is one of the most intriguing video games to release this year and this latest installment of the series features the return of the Scarecrow. He comes back to occupy the vacuum in the crime scene left after Joker’s death with an aim to destroy the Dark Knight once and for all. He plans to do this by uniting Gotham’s...[Read More]

Is Superman In ‘The Arkham Knight’?

For a while now we have been hearing these crazy rumors that Superman will appear in the newest Batman game The Arkham Knight. Could this hint at a possible future for where developer Rocksteady is heading after their last installment in the Arkham series? According to The Inquisitor , Arkham Knight’s IMDB page has the legendary voice act...[Read More]

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