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Josh has a lot of interest in writing videogame reviews and providing video game-focused news pieces. His extensive experience as a gamer allows him to contribute high quality pieces that are both informative and detailed enough to satisfy his readers, as well as instills in him a strong sense of self-motivation and dedication to his craft that can only be properly developed through hours upon hours of writing.



Resident Evil: Revelations 2 (2015) Review

After Resident Evil 6’s polarizing critical reception, it was clear that Capcom’s inability to implement the series’ trademark sense of foreboding terror, and nail-biting tension into a more modernized formula was drastically hurting the future of the franchise. Thankfully, the surprisingly well-received debut of Resident Evil: Revelations changed all that. By successfully combin...[Read More]

5 Most Anticipated Game Releases Of April/May 2015

From sought after remasters like Borderlands: The Handsome Collection to brand new IPs like Bloodborne, March’s jam-packed release calendar was filled with plenty of satisfying titles for avid gamers to sink their teeth into. However, those already accumulating an ever-growing backlog of video games this year shouldn’t expect this spring season’s release schedule to be scarce. In...[Read More]



The Evil Within: The Assignment DLC (2015) PS4 Review

Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami and his sadistic-minded team at Tango Gameworks may have crafted a satisfying horror experience with the release of The Evil Within last year, but many fans were left deciphering its head-scratching conclusion in vain. Cue The Assignment, The Evil Within’s first batch of story-driven DLC purposely designed to answer many of the main game’s most press...[Read More]

Rock Band 4 Announced For Next-Gen Consoles

Wannabe rock stars and plastic instrument enthusiasts rejoice, Rock Band is back! Developer Harmonix has just announced the existence of Rock Band 4, a new installment of the studio’s insanely popular interactive music franchise that will release on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles in 2015. Fans can expect to live out their most ridiculous rock fantasies by forming a band and taking ...[Read More]

5 Must Read Books For Aspiring Video Game Journalists

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a freelance writer in the video game industry, crafting thought-provoking editorials and insightful reviews for higher-profile online publications like IGN, GameSpot, and Kotaku while eating stale pizza in pantless isolation? How about writing full-time in an entry-level editorial position at a renown print magazine like Game Informer or Official Xbox Magazine, pr...[Read More]



Evolve (2015) Review

Somewhere between the initial conceptualization process and the later stages of development, the opportunity for Turtle Rock Studios’ promising new multiplayer concept to transform into a full-fledged, consumer-ready product almost met the chopping block before it was ever fully realized. After barely escaping the devastating collapse of publisher THQ and suffering from a grueling five year ...[Read More]

5 Most Anticipated Game Releases Of February/March 2015

Though it’s almost impossible to deny that last year wasn’t filled with its own share of praise-worthy masterpieces (with games like Dragon Age: Inquisition releasing to nearly worldwide critical acclaim), it seemed like more and more highly-anticipated titles were disappointingly pushed back into 2015 for an extra layer of polish. Thankfully enough however, anxious game enthusiasts wi...[Read More]

The Funnier Side Of Far Cry 4

From Volition’s ridiculously over-the-top Saints Row series to Rockstar North’s insanely popular Grand Theft Auto series, the open-world genre’s unique mixture of player freedom, immersive exploration and gameplay, and limitless unpredictability has successfully captivated both casual and hardcore gamers alike for years, and Far Cry 4 is no exception. As many longtime fans would ...[Read More]

5 Most Anticipated Game Releases of January 2015

The welcome conclusion to yet another hectic holiday season always provides gamers with a sense of relief as they slowly begin to regain their sanity and, more importantly, divert their attention back to the virtual realm of video games. With no more hair-pulling gift searching, frustrating seasonal decorating, or boring family get-togethers to waste away precious game time, January’s fresh ...[Read More]

Rockstar Unveils New Grand Theft Auto Online Heists Trailer

The inclusion of multiplayer Heists into Grand Theft Auto Online‘s plethora of entertaining activities has been highly-anticipated by fans for some time now, but thankfully it seems as if the unbearable wait for its arrival may finally be coming close to an end. As of today, Rockstar has revealed that Heists mode is expected to appear on GTA Online in early 2015, releasing a brand-new traile...[Read More]

Human Element: First Impressions On The World Premiere Trailer

The dust has officially settled at The Game Awards 2014, with Dragon Age: Inquisition emerging victorious against the other equally deserving nominees and snagging this year’s “Game of the Year” award. However, this exciting event didn’t conclude without delivering a bit of much-needed information about some of next year’s most anticipated titles. While games like The Order: 1886...[Read More]

A Resurgence Of Terror

At its absolute best, a survival horror game should effortlessly suspend a player’s sense of reality by thrusting them head first into a horrific virtual experience that mercilessly bludgeons their mind with overwhelming feelings of uneasiness, vulnerability, and even pure terror. Unfortunately, as any devoted aficionado of the genre can openly admit, not every scare-focused title properly e...[Read More]

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