Jamie Goodchild

Jamie Goodchild

When not working on a Bachelors degree in English, Jamie likes to combine two of his great loves in life - writing and video games. From Animal Crossing to Dark Souls, he approaches the industry with a positive attitude and a love for the medium.



Fallout 4: Far Harbor (2016) Xbox One Review

Although Far Harbor is now Fallout 4‘s third piece of payed downloadable content, it is the first that has promised sizeable quest content as well as a totally new location to explore. Those of you who have been holding out for something with a bit more depth than simple crafting additions, you might just enjoy this little vacation. It’s time to leave The Commonwealth, so grab your lif...[Read More]



Doom (2016) Xbox One Review #1

Twelve years after the release of Doom 3 in 2004, id Software have returned with the next installment in the series that pioneered the first person shooter genre and spawned the term deathmatch. Is DOOM a return to the series’ hectic roots, or does it fall short of lofty expectations? It’s important to note that, whilst the single-player campaign and the game’s engine, animation ...[Read More]



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Fallout 4: Wasteland Workshop (2016) Xbox One Review

Hot off the release of last month’s Automatron, Bethesda have released another add-on for Fallout 4 which focuses on crafting. An add-on which needs no, and gives no introduction, Wasteland Workshop adds a plethora of crafting options for your settlements. As I mentioned above, Wasteland Workshop gives you no introductory questline unlike Automatron. If what you’re looking for is quest...[Read More]



Fallout 4 (2016) Automatron Xbox One Review

Upon receiving a mysterious distress signal from a nearby trade caravan, it is revealed that a robotics expert known as The Mechanist is sending their robotic creations to terrorise The Commonwealth. It falls to you, the Sole Survivor from Vault 111, to stop this menace and procure the means to build your own robotic creations. That is essentially the crux of Fallout 4: Automatron –  stop Th...[Read More]



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Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow (1998/1999) GameBoy Retrospective Review

On February 27th 2016, to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the series’ first appearance in Japan, Nintendo released Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow [R/B/Y] on the 3DS Virtual Console. Despite Pokemon now being 20 years-old, many might be wondering how well the Game Boy originals hold up. Well, unfortunately, it would be impossible for me to look at these games completely objectively. I’m...[Read More]



Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth (2014) Retro Review

Having not been a long-time fan of the Persona series, I stumbled upon Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth whilst looking for a new 3DS rpg to play. I wasn’t quite feeling the medieval-fantasy aesthetic of Bravely Default or Fire Emblem: Awakening and wanted something a little more contemporary, which is exactly what the Persona series offers. However, Persona Q differs greatly from the main ...[Read More]

World Of Warcraft: Legion Cinematic Trailer Impression

With the announcement of World of Warcraft: Legion, in August at Gamescom, it was almost a certainty that Blizzard would save the cinematic trailer and a possible release date for Blizzcon. Cue today’s Blizzcon 2015 opening ceremony and the unveiling of Legion’s cinematic trailer and the tentative release date of Summer 2016 (assumed to be before 21st September 2016). Here are my perso...[Read More]

The Little Things: In-Game Holidays

Sometimes when you’re playing a video game that you really enjoy, it’s not just the cutting-edge graphics or even the well-written story that make you happy. Sometimes it’s the little things. That’s what I would like to dedicate this series of editorials to, the smaller things in games that aid to, ever so slightly, enrich my experience and immersion. The subject of today&#...[Read More]

Everything You Need To Know About The New World Of Warcraft Expansion, ‘World Of Warcraft: Legion’

After the short, rocky lifespan of previous expansion Warlords of Draenor, culminating in a subscription drop down to 5.6 million people (the lowest for the game since 2006), it’s easy to see why Blizzard might be quick to move on. Cue Gamescom 2015 and the reveal of our next adventure on Azeroth, World of Warcraft: Legion. With their presentation came tonnes of information on the new expans...[Read More]

Why You Should Watch EVO This Weekend

Much like Christmas, EVO only comes once a year. The fighting game tournament is hosted annually in Las Vegas and is the major of all majors when it comes to fighting games. This weekend, from July 17th – 19th, the best of the best in fighting games will gather in the Paris Las Vegas Casino hotel to compete for thousands of dollars in nine different games. However, although EVO is seen as the pinn...[Read More]

Did The Announcement of Metroid Prime Federation Force Deserve The Backlash It Received?

Since the release of Metroid Other M in 2010 the series, which helped form one half of the genre ‘metroidvania’, has laid dormant. Many fans of Metroid, including myself, have spent the last few years wondering what was next for the series; were Retro Studios going to return to make another Prime game after the critical success of the original Metroid Prime trilogy, or would Nintendo g...[Read More]



Wolfenstein: The Old Blood (2015) Review

After the critical success of MachineGames’ 2014 title Wolfenstein: The New Order, which took players on an alternate-history romp through a different kind of Nazi regime in 1960’s Europe, Wolfenstein: The Old Blood seeks to return the series to its roots of World War II. The standalone expansion has you play as series protagonist Agent William Joseph ‘BJ’ Blazkowicz as you...[Read More]

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