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The Order: 1886 (2015) Review

As with most major announcements, The Order 1886 was announced during Sony’s Keynote at the Electronic Entertainment Exposition in 2013. At the time, one thing was perfectly clear: the game was absolutely jaw-droppingly gorgeous. Rumors quickly spread that the trailer shown was actually pre-rendered CGI and not in-game graphics. Ready at Dawn, the game’s developer, insisted the game did look as ad...[Read More]

Impressions on the New Nintendo 3DS XL

Although I missed the pre-order for the limited edition New Nintendo 3DS XL: Majora’s Mask edition of Nintendo’s latest handheld console, my wife surprised me by waiting outside of the local Target to snag one of five they had in stock: I’m a big fan of all things Nintendo and even though I’ve mentioned in the past that I believe upgrading the console on such a regular basis is a bad move, I’m not...[Read More]

Will Nintendo Reign Supreme in 2015?

I believe that 2015 is going to be the year of Nintendo, and I am OK with that.  As a life-long fan of the gaming genre, I don’t discriminate or participate in the console flame wars.  I just want good games, no matter what system they ultimately land on.  Now don’t get me wrong, I’ve done my fair share of griping at Microsoft (forcing early Xbox One adopters to buy a Kinect, only to abandon it), ...[Read More]

Battlefield Hardline Second Beta: Impressions

As a huge Battlefield fan, I was very excited to hear the beta for the upcoming Battlefield Hardline would be live following E3 2014.  Unfortunately, the experience didn’t quite leave me with a great impression.  When the beta closed and the fans responded with mostly negative criticism, the crew at Visceral Games/Electronic Arts decided to delay the title until March 2015, which I was highly in f...[Read More]



Dying Light (2015) Review

It’s been about a week since Techland’s Dying Light was released to a relatively uniformed audience. The reason that the press was not given review copies was much less devious than Ubisoft’s twelve hour review embargo of Assassin’s Creed: Unity (primarily, the game was horrible).  It was primarily due to poor planning and the developers working on a 1.02 content patch that was to be released in t...[Read More]



Hyrule Warriors (2014) Review

When Hyrule Warriors was announced during the December 18, 2013 Nintendo Direct, I was initially skeptical about blending the Legend of Zelda universe with the hack and slash elements found in the Dynasty Warriors franchise. Now that the holiday flood of video game releases has died down, I’ve taken some time to go back and sift through my backlog. As I’ve now spent some significant time with this...[Read More]

Nintendo Direct News: January 14, 2015

Today, Nintendo fans were treated to the first Nintendo Direct for 2015. There was plenty of exciting news for both Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Wii U owners: FIRE EMBLEM. A new Fire Emblem title (yet to be named) was displayed for the first time. Although minimal details were given regarding the plot, characters, or even the release date, I noticed the game’s locale had shifted from a more medieval ...[Read More]

Thoughts On Halo 5: Guardians Beta

While I maintain that the Master Chief Collection remains completely broken, it presents an even more curious case as to why the Halo 5: Guardians beta is so incredibly amazing that many of us can’t stop playing it. For those of you not in the know, 343 Industries has planned a three story arc “Redeemer Trilogy.” Since this is a new story that takes place after the events of the original Halo saga...[Read More]

To Own or To Stream: PlayStation Now vs. Hard Drive Upgrading

Whether you prefer to install and keep copies of your older games, or if you’d rather simply stream the titles you’re most interested in, then you’ll be excited to hear about two big PlayStation announcements from the previous week. PLAYSTATION NOW SUBSCRIPTION SERVICE ANNOUNCED Almost one year after its introduction at the Consumer Electronics’ Show in 2014, representatives at Sony have announced...[Read More]

Wish List for Video Game Development in 2015

Let’s all face it: 2014 was one of the craziest years for video gaming that we’ve had in a long, long time.  If you don’t believe me, here are just a few of the crazy stories that broke last year: Electronic Arts actually turned their company around and began focusing on quality games and products, not only securing our Game of the Year award, but even going so far as to delay Ba...[Read More]

Two Months Later: Halo The Master Chief Collection Remains Broken

It’s hard to think about Xbox’s success without thinking about Bungie Studios.  The original Halo made the Xbox competitive with the already established PlayStation brand, Halo 2 was the definitive reason to own Xbox Live on launch, and Halo 3 was a great Xbox 360 system seller.  When it was announced that Bungie Studios was moving on to new ventures (Destiny), it was 343 Industries that took up t...[Read More]

FGE 2014 Game Of The Year Awards

It’s time for the FilmGamesEtc 2014 “Best of” Awards!  It’s been a year for the video gaming industry as a whole.  From extremely hyped releases that did not always deliver to games that were broken on release day, many gamers have felt like this year was somewhat of a disappointment.  However, there are a few shining stars that deserve some recognition and have been selected by the staff as our f...[Read More]

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