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FilmGamesEtc strives to bring our guests and readers the latest gaming and movie news as well as reviews for the most popular movies and video game titles. This site was built because of our love for mainstream Hollywood movies and console video-games. We want to share this interest with our readers by posting our own unbiased, honest reviews here on our site.

We also strive to keep our readers and friends on Twitter up to date with our latest activities so follow us on Twitter. We are persistently looking forward to growing with you and are extremely appreciative of your support. Let us know how we are doing. Contact Us if you have any questions or just want to drop us a line.


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RELIABLE - you can rely on our reviewers' expertise to provide the most accurate assessment of a film/game
EFFICIENT - you can count on us to bring you reviews that are well-rounded but still straight to the point
HONEST - we are not influenced by any publisher or studio so you can count on us for our unbiased opinions
CONSISTENT - we strive to continue to bring you enjoyable news and reviews
PASSIONATE - all of our reviewers are passionate about movies and video games so you can count on us to tell you the good films/games from the bad ones
RESPECTFUL - we respect our guests and visitors so there are no profanity in our reviews and articles

Meet The Team

About Us
Chris L.
Founder, Editor-In-Chief

Chris is a recent graduate of University of Florida, originally from Washington D.C. and currently lives in California. He enjoys all kinds of video games, but has a weak spot for first and third person action-adventure, FPS’s and RPG’s; Also a huge fan of all types of film genre and his appreciation for both films and video games is what prompted the launching of FilmGamesEtc.


About Us
Graham McCann
Reviewer, News and Features Writer

Ever since he found his mom’s Atari 2600 under the TV when he was about four years old, the rest of his life was connected to gaming. His family got their first computer when he was five years old in 1991 – a 286, which was powerful enough to play Wolfenstein 3D and the Hugo adventure game series. He got a Sega Genesis when he was eight, a Pentium 120 when he was nine, a Nintendo 64 when he turned 10, and a Playstation for Christmas when he was 12. A few years after that, he was able to make money and buy games for himself. So, his collection grew and hasn’t stopped.

When he was 12, he decided that he wanted to be a video-game journalist because he had a subscription to Gamepro Magazine. He eventually went to journalism school, then television broadcasting school, worked for a few years in the news industry, and now here he is with FGE. Graham looks forward to what the future has to bring and he is dedicated to being a part of this awesome gaming industry.


About Us
Jager Robinson

Jager is a current journalism major from the United States. His favorite video game genre is RPG (MMO’s included) and his favorite film genre is Sci-Fi.


About Us
Will Mazgay

Will lives in Ottawa, Canada (AKA the North Pole) and has a background in Journalism. In his spare time he enjoys writing fiction, reading voraciously, binge-watching Netflix, and of course gaming. He also loves to travel and enjoys outdoor activities like skiing, hiking, camping.


About Us
Adam Charlton

Adam tries to keep a humorous side to all his work. He has been playing videogames and checking out the latest films since the day he could walk starting off on his Sega, N64 and later the PlayStation. He looks forward to chatting with the community and hopes you all enjoy his work.

About Us
Adam Speight

Hailed from the U.K., Adam’s knowledge of TV, Film, Gaming and Technology comes from keeping up to date with the latest news via popular websites, social media, TV, radio and podcasts. His favorite movie of recent times is Guardians of the Galaxy and his favorite all time video game is Gears of War.


About Us
Kyle King
Kyle recently graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science in General Studies. He is a lifelong gamer and a huge fan of both RPG’s and JRPGs, especially the Final Fantasy series and Elder Scrolls series. He’s also a huge film buff and has taken many Film courses such as Film criticism and Film history. His main career goal is to eventually work full time in games media. He’s currently looking for opportunities to gain more knowledge about the game and film industry and improve upon writing overall.
About Us
Sam Jones
Growing up in inner city Brisbane in Queensland, Australia, Sam’s been obsessed with video games for most his life (or as much of it as he can remember) since the day he got his first console, a PSOne. As time wore on, Sam picked up another obsession: film. Throughout his time in school, Sam dabbled in a number of creative pursuits, including Drama and Film and TV, and eventually found his calling in journalism, screenwriting, and film critique and analysis. After graduating from school, Sam completed a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism/Arts, with majors in Film and TV Studies. Now free (sort of) and out in the real world, Sam’s looking to break into the world of entertainment journalism and criticism.


About Us
Chanel Ferguson (Yoshiyuki)
An avid gamer since childhood, Yoshiyuki Ly grew up with RPGs such as Final Fantasy and Shin Megami Tensei. While pursuing an undergraduate degree in philosophy, she spent her free time writing fiction novels for publication. She’s a novelist and a gamer.


About Us
Jack Bray
Feature Writer
Englishman and therefore, professional cynic, Jack enjoys playing games, listening to music and pretending that the world isn’t going to end in 2017. Whilst studying for his undergraduate and postgraduate studies in English Literature, Jack escaped into games to get away from Shakespeare.


About Us
George Barber
News and Feature Writer
George Barber is currently an 18-year-old college student living in Rochester NY, right now he is majoring in graphic design, he wants to be a video game writer, but has a strong passion for art. He enjoys JRPS, like Final fantasy, and Dark Souls. He also enjoys shooters and adventure games like Rise of the Tomb Raider, and also is starting a YouTube channel sometime this year in 2017. Follow him on twitter if you want more information about that and other things.


About Us
Chris Ruskin
A consumer of most forms of media, Chris Ruskin has spent most of his life with either a controller in his hands, a movie in his eyes, a song in his ears, or a book in his hands. He is an aspiring writer who eventually wants to write and direct his productions. Chris prides himself on being open, honest, and direct with his audience who he always looks to inform and entertain.


About Us
David Perez
Reviewer and Feature Writer
David is a 20-year-old currently attending college just trying to make it through. A gamer since he was young, he loves playing anything and everything while also enjoying any type of movie that is out. Also, enjoy playing sports and kicking back with his friends.


About Us
Brian McIver
Brian is a freelance writer and editor from Brisbane, Australia. He has a Graduate Certificate in Journalism, and is currently studying a Master of Communication (Journalism). His interests are films, sports, food, reading, travelling and (slowly) writing his first piece of fiction. A lover of all things Star Wars, he is also his dog’s butler and one half of a fantastic husband and wife team.


About Us
Nirvair Suwali
Nirvair loves playing games and watching movies all his life and he hopes one day he’ll be able to create his own movies. He enjoys reading comic books particularly DC ones and he is a die hard Star Wars fan. His favourite video games would have to be The Witcher 3 and Kingdom Hearts. As for his favourite movie he really couldn’t tell you – there’s so many he loves that we’d be here all day. Although Drive does pop into his head…


About Us
Kaleb Harris
Reviewer and Feature Writer
Kaleb is a fan of all kinds of games and movies. His favorite games would have to include Dead Space, Skyrim, Bioshock, and God Of War 3. His favorite movies include Prisoners, The Dark Knight, and The Beach. He is also a huge sports fan, He follows the NHL, NBA, NFL, and the MLB. He hopes to interact with all of those who wish to discuss these topics and look forward to it.


About Us
Jalane Farrington
Reviewer, News and Feature Writer

After earning a BA in English at Valdosta State University, this avid writer has been playing video games on all console platforms at all times, except to spread the news or critique AAA/Indie titles. Because she spent her youth studying and independently working on Game Design, she may throw some technical terminology (sprites, NPCs, scripts, etc.) in her published articles. In the end, she loves to chat away with comment readers.


About Us
Brenden Clonan
Reviewer, News & Feature Writer

Brendan is currently in his last semester of college, earning a degree in television production. He enjoys doing many things such as going to movies, learning instruments, various outside activities and of course playing video games. He can never decide on any hard list of favorite movies or games so instead has a long list of things he likes.

About Us
Ryan Harrison
Reviewer and Feature Writer

Ryan is a 21-year-old aspiring videogame journalist and is currently studying Journalism and Media Studies at University. Growing up in the UK, he has been playing videogames for as long as he can remember, and is open to all types of genres – but has a keen interest in RPG’s.


FilmGamesEtc Staff
FilmGamesEtc strives to bring our guests and readers the latest gaming and movie news as well as reviews for the most popular movies and video game titles. This site was built because of our love for mainstream Hollywood movies and console video-games. We want to share this interest with our readers by posting our own unbiased, honest reviews here on our site. We are persistently looking forward to growing with you and are extremely appreciative of your support. Thanks for visiting.

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