Retailers Impact Video Game Physical Disc Copies

Natsume Inc. Vice President of Operations – Graham Markay – revealed in an interview about the relationship between retailers and video game physical disc copies. This knowledge unraveled  when he was discussing Wild Guns Reloaded. The physical edition of Wild Guns Reloaded was released in North America, but the video game physical disc copies did not occur in Europe. Although developers may want physical copies, they may rely on retailers.

“Retail has a big impact if a game will by physical or not.  If no retailer is interested in carrying the game, then that will drastically reduce the opportunity to have a physical version.” – Graham Markay, Natsume Inc. Vice President of Operations

These fortune opportunities depend on many things, especially finance and promotion. In other rare occasions, publishers may help in retail too.

These retailers differentiate among continents, and they may go by different names. North America contains one of the popular video game retailers called GameStop that exclusively sells video game and its franchises. In Australia, video game retailers include gametraders, gameswhizards and EB Games Australia.  Of course, other retail stores exist that sells physical disc copies too.

Physical copies require storage space inside a home, but digital copies must use the console or computer’s memory storage. One advantage of owning electronic copies is that folks may delete the file and download the game again at another time.  STEAM, an online video game retailer, offers this advantage once its online users purchase a product. Meanwhile, physical copies are usually displayed in shelves, but they enable video game owners to use the memory space for other purposes.

So what are your thoughts toward popular retails or video game physical disc copies? Do you tend to purchase them when they go on sale in an online store or stepping into your local store?

For more information, please read the original interview posted by Oprainfall. Online readers may know the website as Operation Rainfall.


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