Star Wars Battlefront II Website Launches

Earlier this week a leaked trailer for the upcoming Star Wars Battlefront II appeared online, and with the Star Wars Celebration happening in Florida it is no surprise that we are learning more about the title.  Today the website went live, however it does not have any features quite yet, just a glimpse of a pilot and news that a full trailer will be coming this Saturday, April 15.  The trailer reveal will take place at 11:30am PST, 2:30 EST and will be our first quality look at the game.  As we know from the leaked trailer, Battlefront II will offer different battles from all Star Wars eras and we get a bit of a tease of the single player campaign story.

Star Wars Battlefront II will release later this year on Playstation 4 and Xbox One.


Brendan Clonan
Brendan is currently in his last semester of college, earning a degree in television production. He enjoys doing many things such as going to movies, learning instruments, various outside activities and of course playing video games. He can never decide on any hard list of favorite movies or games so instead has a long list of things he likes.

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