Overwatch Uprising Event Leaked by PlayStation France Trailer (Updated)

(Update: Uprising, which is the English name for Overwatch’s new seasonal event, is now live. The article has been amended with the proper name, and more details can be found on the official Overwatch website.)

Overwatch’s new event is called Uprising, and as Blizzard’s tease indicated, it starts tomorrow, April 11th. The event’s trailer initially leaked via PlayStation France, but was re-uploaded to various YouTube accounts before the official version was taken down.

The event will pit a team of four players against waves of computer-controlled Omnic enemies on a modified version of the King’s Row map. Much like Halloween Terror, it appears that only select characters can be used, as Torbjörn, Mercy, Reinhardt, and Tracer are featured prominently in the trailer.

Following in the footsteps of previous limited time events, a wide variety of cosmetic items will be introduced during Uprising. New skins for the above mentioned heroes, Widowmaker, Genji, and McCree can be seen in the trailer, as well as a bunch of new sprays, emotes, and victory poses. These items will only be available in loot boxes that are earned or purchased during the event, which runs from April 11th through May 1st.

While the Uprising event certainly looks cool, it doesn’t appear that the heavily-anticipated Doomfist will be included. The hero has been teased since Overwatch was announced, but it looks like his appearance will have to wait until another content update.

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