Nintendo Discusses Paid Online Service

In an interview with Famitsu, Nintendo manager Shinya Takahashi commented on Nintendo’s upcoming paid online service saying…

We decided to charge for the service because we are concerned with customer satisfaction. We’ll be maintaining the online service and providing new services that we haven’t had up until now, and there are costs associated with those. We’d also like to maintain a stable playing experience and provide proper support. We are working to prepare all of the features until the service begins in the fall of 2017, and details on the service will be available at a later time”

Nintendo’s  revamped online service will launch in the fall of 2017 with an expected subscription price to be around $20 to $30 USD per year.  Until then Nintendo Switch owners can currently access online multiplayer games for free, however they lack all the soon to added features such as voice chat and monthly downloadable games.  If you’re a Switch owner or plan on being one, for list of everything you’ll be able to access or miss out on come the fall check out the image below!


Brendan Clonan
Brendan is currently in his last semester of college, earning a degree in television production. He enjoys doing many things such as going to movies, learning instruments, various outside activities and of course playing video games. He can never decide on any hard list of favorite movies or games so instead has a long list of things he likes.

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