Destiny 2 Revealed, Also Coming to PC

Bungie has finally revealed Destiny 2, and as the leaked poster indicated, it’s coming on September 8th for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. The full reveal trailer can be viewed below:

The last city has been overrun by the Red Legion and everything has been destroyed in the process, including everyone’s gear. It’s actually a pretty clever lore-based reason for why players’ weapons and armor won’t carry forward to the sequel, which will allow Bungie to make “major advancements and improvements” over the original game.

Destiny 2 will be sold in a variety of configurations across all platforms, and will include various digital and physical bonuses depending on which version is purchased. A full summary of the standard, limited, and collector’s editions can be found on the game’s official website. Pre-orders will grant early access to the beta, which is scheduled to take place this summer, and an expansion pass is being offered that grants access to the game’s first two digital expansions.

The reveal trailer was neat, but unfortunately, it didn’t show any gameplay. We will have to wait until May 18th for that, when Bungie will be holding a gameplay reveal livestream.

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