My Bid For A New ‘Dead Space’

Dead Space, a game full of blood, gore, and horror. What’s not to love about it? You would be hardpressed to find any gamer who has negative things to say about the Dead Space franchise. Sure there is that old criticism about “Bro Space 3” and how the third installment was more of an action movie rather than a true survival horror game like the one’s we were used to. But even still the worth of the game to it’s fans is unparalleled and really quite deservingly so. They were just good games plain and simple.

Every year when E3 rolls around, in the back of my mind sits Dead Space. An idle IP worth so much potential. I think we would all love a collection of some sort, but in an interview about a year ago EA’s COO stated that EA “is a company that likes to push forward.” Which is quite obvious. They really aren’t known to go back to remaster their previous titles. This is a bitter pill to swallow for me as I’m sure it is for most people.There are “new” remasters being announced every year and the number continues to grow. Of course there are games many of us want to be remastered, but we have to move on to something new and exciting!

dead-space-shootingI really do think that a new Dead Space game would be a great investment for EA. These games still have a huge and devoted following to this day. We are at a time in social media where scary horror games are almost a must play for any youtuber or online personality. Audience’s love to see these things because they cause funny reactions from the Youtuber, and this has already proven to boost sales of the game. Games like Amnesia and Outlast really gained an audience through let’s plays online. There is so much potential left with the Dead Space franchise I just can’t fathom EA letting it rot away on the shelf.

Now to discuss the creators and developers of Dead Space – Visceral Games. Visceral Games as many know are currently working on a new Star Wars game for EA. What little footage what shown at the last E3 event we can tell it is going to be a third person game. Out of all the upcoming Star Wars games being worked on this is the one I am looking forward to the most. The last Visceral game that was released was Battlefield Hardline which some would say was a way for EA to get Visceral familiar with DICE’S Frostbite Engine which is also may be used for the development of this Star Wars game. Maybe even after finishing the Star Wars title Visceral could be moving back to Dead Space where they could be making a long awaited 4th installment or better yet a new story completely. This would happen no earlier than 2019 however. Viscerals untitled Star Wars game is set to be released sometime in 2018. Bringing back a series like Dead Space would take some time to develop.

I know I have gone off on more than a few tangents here but back to my true point. I really do believe a new Dead Space title would be a great thing for both us as a consumer and EA as a company. I think there has been a gap in the gaming community. Something really has been missing! I can not recall a game since Dead Space 2 that has given me the same sense of fear and suspense. The game that comes the closest would be Outlast, which is great and all but it just wasn’t the same. Being only armed with a camera doesn’t really give you the feeling of empowerment you know?

Anyways, what do you guys think? Is there a place in the market for Dead Space? Has its brilliant flame simply been burned out by now? I know the franchise may be finished, still my curiosity consumes me.



Kaleb Harris
I am a fan of all kinds of games and movies. My favorite games would have to include Dead Space, Skyrim, Bioshock, and God Of War 3. My favorite movies include Prisoners, The Dark Knight, and The Beach. I am also a huge sports fan, I follow the NHL, NBA, NFL, and the MLB. I hope to interact with all of those who wish to discuss these topics and look forward to it.
  • I completely agree with the call for a new Dead Space game, but I’m sure it’s not on EA’s radar since DS3 was a flop in their eyes. Still though, there’s so much potential if they get back to their roots. I mean if anything stands out as a good reason why they should dust off the mothballs, it’s that John Carpenter loved these games and was open to a live-action film. Dead Space really knocked the Resident Evil games a strong blow to show what a survival horror game should truly be, and it would be foolish for EA not to pursue consideration for a new game.

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