Leaked Luke Skywalker Pictures Have Surfaced The Internet

For a while now most fans were wondering how Luke Skywalker will look in the upcoming film, Star Wars: The Force Awakens. We finally got our first look of how our beloved character Skywalker looks like. The biggest speculation came from whether Luke was indeed on the dark side, or dealing with his inner balance with the force. Regardless of the rumors spreading around we have never seen Luke Skywalker!


The picture is clearly in pre-production, and as clearly seen in the picture above, he is in a typical Jedi Robe. This is a totally different look then he had in his last appearance in Return Of The Jedi. In Disney’s defense they did their absolute best to remove all pictures from the internet. What do you guys think of Luke Skywalker’s new look? Leave a comment down below! As always stay tuned to FGE for the latest news.

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  • TheRequiem95

    I was kind of hoping for something a little different from the robes. Luke was so separated from that tradition by the time he became a Jedi, into mind he forged a new path for himself.

    Not a big deal though. Still seeing the movie!

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