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Star Wars Battlefront 1st & 3rd Person Screenshots

Recently some new images from Battlefront 3 leaked online. The image shows off both the split screen mode and the different 1st and 3rd person perspectives you could switch between. EA also revealed that while Star Wars Battlefront will run at 60 frames per second in single player, split-screen co-op will run at 30 frames per second.

star-wars-battlefront-prev-02As explained by EA, “We don’t have a traditional single player story mode, but our Star Wars Battlefront Missions deliver carefully crafted moments inspired by the films that let you live out your battle fantasies.”

Star Wars Battlefront’s community manager, Mathew Everett, answered a few of fans’ questions about the game on Reddit. Everett named some specific vehicles you can actually pilot in the game.

The playable vehicles in Star Wars Battlefront so far are: AT-ST, Snow Speeder, Speeder bike, X-Wings, TIE Fighter and Millennium Falcon. Everett also said “and more” so expect additional vehicles added to the roster.


In past Dice games like Battlefield, players might remember the infamous flying mechanics. Everett said they are “a lot easier to fly” than planes in the Battlefield series. He said it’s “padawan friendly“. DICE will go into more details on piloting vehicles in the coming months.

Star Wars Battlefront will release on November 17, 2015 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. (November 19 in Europe). For all your gaming news, keep it locked to FGE!

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  • thatguy

    Battlefield planes and helicopters are not that hard to fly in veteran controls. They are honestly 3 minutes in an empty server to practice and you are good enough

  • I hear you, many people couldnt figure out how to fly a jet correctly though. Talking from expeirence I could never wrap my head around the controls, I hope Battlefront 3 vehicles are easy and fun to play


    Yeah but not for everyone. It can take weeks or months to fly decently for some.

  • Drew Forester

    “We don’t have a traditional single player story mode, but our Star Wars Battlefront Missions deliver carefully crafted moments inspired by the films that let you live out your battle fantasies.”

    Yeah well… my battle fantasies were set in the Clone Wars and Instant Action with a semi-decent single player campaign, so I’m not getting anything I wanted out of this game, DICE.

    I mean really, how hard is it to stick to a goddamn playbook? See Battlefront II?
    Do that, just with more stuff.
    This isn’t rocket science guys.

  • thatguy

    It honestly at most had taken my friends an hour in an empty server to learn while I was shooting at him. The good thing is that battlefront 2 vehicles are still easier so that is probably how they’ll fly if you had a hard time. Dice is doing A good job of making it like the earlier games

  • thatguy

    they are possibly adding clone wars as dlc(free?) hopefully. That is one of the interesting things I think will happen is ea will make the dlc free maybe if you play with a friend who has it like they are trying in hardline

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