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Batman Arkham Knight New Trailer & DLC

Batman Arkham Knight is roughly a month a way and the developers over at Rocksteady have been very active lately. If you missed their new developer diaries where they explain mechanics, reasons for designs and more don’t worry, we got you covered right here on FGE, you can check them out down below:

Alongside these dev diaries, we also got a new live action trailer for Batman: Arkham Knight. It seems to be an inspirational, motivational trailer for the people of Gotham, and it keeps it catchphrase: be determined, be fearless, selflessness, BE THE BATMAN. Check out the awesome trailer right here:

There has also been an image that seems to look real, coming from @Superherofeed on twitter, this new preorder bonus will allow players to download ‘Gotham’s Future’ skin pack. “Travel in time with the epic Dark Knight Returns costume or Become Batman Beyond” the image says.


If this were to be true, these would be awesome costumes to switch between, with no confirmation yet, all we can do is wait to find out. Batman Arkham Knight is definetely one if this years big blockbusters this year, let us know if your excited in the comments below and for all your Batman Arkham Knight news, keep it locked to FGE!

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