40 Marvel Movies Rankings

Each and Every Marvel Movie: The Worst to the Most Marvelous


In preparation (or honestly, sheer excitement) for the release of Avengers: Age of Ultron on May 1st, I had the overwhelming urge to go back and rewatch the previous Avengers-oriented movies leading up to this new entry. But I thought to myself, why stop there? What about the rest of the Marvel movies? With that seed planted, I quickly decided to devote myself to revisiting the entire Marvel movie catalog! Surely the films weren’t all going to be winners…in fact, I knew many of them were going to be painful to rewatch. It stood to reason that even the worst of the bunch would only help me to more fully appreciate the better films and what they get right.

As of this writing, there are 40 movies (yes, you heard that right) based off of Marvel properties, excluding the 1940s made-for-television Captain America serials. I’ve also included the recent Big Hero 6 on the list, as it is based off of a more obscure Marvel Comic, and even features a cameo by Stan Lee. I have slaved away (or more accurately sat and passively stared at a television screen), watching every single film over the last month. With the entire catalog fresh in mind, I’m able to more accurately and fairly compare each film.

Marvel movies have become a well-known brand, synonymous with quality blockbuster entertainment. Marvel has amassed legions of fans and followers and is currently at the peak of its success. No further proof is needed after looking at Guardians of the Galaxy’s massive box office success. Chances were taken on a movie starring a talking tree and a foul-mouthed raccoon, yet audiences still showed up in droves because of the Marvel name. Controversial Statement: It is this very reason why I am more excited for an Ant-Man movie from Marvel than I am for DC’s Batman vs Superman. Needless to say, the older movies will have a lot to live up to when compared to Marvel’s recent outings.

Obviously, there is no true objective way of ranking these films. Anyone who views any type of film brings certain biases and preferences to the table, and I will be no different. I will however rationalize why each film has earned/deserved its place on this list. I try to avoid giving away any massive spoilers, but will have to talk about specific moments in certain films on the list…don’t be mad if I ruin Man-Thing’s big twist (the twist being that it is an abysmal film).

It should also go without saying that these are my opinions, and I am sure there will be plenty of disagreement. If you see a film you love not getting the attention you feel it deserves, please comment and respond. Likewise, if you feel I’m unjustly singing the praises of a film that you think is overhyped or simply not very good, I encourage you to leave a comment. As a comic book lover and Marvel fanboy the point of this list is to spark conversations and generate excitement for all things Marvel!

So keeping all of that in mind, I now present all 40 Marvel movies, ranked from the very worst to the absolute best. Enjoy!


Starting at the bottom of the list is #40: Man-Thing (2005)


Ryan Demarest
Ryan is a graphic designer by day and cinephile by night. Originally from North Carolina where one of his first jobs was as a clerk at a local video store, he now resides in Indiana with his wife. He has always stayed connected to the world of film, video gaming, and comics. He is proud to be a nerd, and embraces his passion for these industries. He is truly still a “kid at heart”. His favorite movies include Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, The Avengers, and Kill Bill Vol. 1 and 2. His favorite video games include the Mass Effect series, the Rock Band series, and Mega Man 2.

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