Disney Making a Live-Action ‘Mulan’ and 7 Actresses Who Should Play Her

Just when you thought Disney couldn’t possibly dole out anymore live-action film adaptations of their classic animated cartoons (at least not so soon since they only recently announced a live-action version of Beauty and the Beast starring Emma Watson opposite Dan Stevens), Disney manages to surprise everyone with their recent announcement that the 1998 Mulan will also be given a live-action reboot. After Alice, Aurora, and Cinderella help Disney finds success by managing to pull in $1 billion (Tim Burton’s Alice In Wonderland), $750 million (Maleficent) and $330 million (Cinderella) at the box office, it looks like Mulan will soon follow in their footsteps to make the Mouse House even richer.

The new live-action version of Mulan will be produced by Chris Bender and J.C. Spink (We’re The Millers) based on a script by Elizabeth Martin and Lauren Hynek. The 1998 animated film Mulan is based on a famous Chinese legend about a female warrior named Hua Mulan, who took her father’s place in the army by disguising herself as a man. She learns to fight, falls in love, finds a husband and even saves the Emperor from the villainous Huns. With China being the second biggest box-office in the world, it only makes sense for Disney to remake Mulan and bring this popular Chinese tale back to the big screen. The classic 1998 animated version grossed $300 million dollars worldwide.

The upcoming live-action Mulan hasn’t even started production but there are already talks of who should play the beautiful heroine. We put together a list of Asian actresses who we think are most suitable to play Mulan. Do you have anyone in mind for the role? Who do you think should be cast as Mulan?

 1. Fan BingBing (Actress: X-Men: Days Of Future Past, Iron Man 3)


Fan BingBing


2. Li BingBing (Actress: Transformers 4:Age Of Extinction, Resident Evil: Retribution)


Li BingBing


3. Rinko Kikuchi (Actress: Pacific Rim, 47 Ronin)

Rinko Kikuchi


4. Jamie Chung (Actress: Plays Mulan on Once Upon A Time)


Jamie Chung


5. Crystal Liu (Actress: Outcast, Forbidden Kingdom)


Crystal Liu


 6. Angela (Angelababy) Yeung (Chinese Model, Actress: Independence Day: Resurgence, Hitman: Agent 47)


Angela (Angelababy) Yeung


7. Gao YuanYuan (Chinese Actress: Don’t Go Breaking My Heart)


Gao YuanYuan


Sarah Chang
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  • Colin James

    Katie Leung (Cho Chang in Harry Potter)

  • googoodolls

    Li Bingbing will be perfect as Mulan. I remember her as the badass witch in Forbidden Kingdom.

  • Jonathan M. Jacobs

    I’ll be surprised if they dont whitewash this film like they are doing with Peter Pan. It is ridiculous that Disney cannot find one Native actress to play Tiger Lilly. I wonder if they even looked.

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