PS Vita VS Nintendo 3DS

There’s always the big debate between the big home consoles, PS4 vs. Xbox One, and of course the Wii U too, surrounding which consoles has better graphics, gameplay, and more exclusive games. But let’s save that debate for another time and instead focus on which of the two more popular handheld portable gaming device reigns supreme. Is it the Playstation Vita or Nintendo 3DS XL? Lets find out!


Once a gamer picks a side on a console, majority of the time they will defend it with their loyalty until the end. This is where the console wars come into play and brings forth much heated conversations in the comment sections of articles and YouTube videos. Is there ever a right side to be on? Or is all gaming good gaming? The way I look at it is if I could enjoy playing a game for hours upon hours, I really don’t care which platform it’s on, as long as the fun factor is there. It’s a privilege to own every console currently on the market, but many people don’t have this luxury, so if i had to break it down to which handheld device to get, which one would I choose?


Let’s start with the PS Vita. There are many great things this little machine can do in addition to some major flaws that hold it back from surpassing the 3DS, at least sales wise. Since Vita launched back in 2012, it only had two design models. The bulky original and the slim 2000 model. For the sake of comparison, we’ll focus on the original Vita. The PS Vita feels very much like a small portable PS4.  It plays music in the background, comes with a great catalog of games available in the PS Store and features customizable themes. With the PS Store having such a back catalog of great PS One games to choose from, this makes the PS Vita a must-have if you want access to those retro games. Another great thing about the Vita is the great selection of first party games like Uncharted:Golden Abyss, Tearaway, Kill Zone Mercenary, Resistance Burning Skies, Persona 4 Golden and much more. Exclusives are one thing, but let’s not forget the Indie developers who helped deliver some very fine games to PlayStation owners.  Indie games like Velocity Ultra , Guacamelee, and Limbo were all the rage at one point or another. Each of these games gives you a great gaming experience on the go or a quick way to kill some time when you’re home on the couch relaxing while watching TV. The Vita also has a back touch pad and a front touch pad. Most games utilize the front touch pad more than the rear pad. The only games that the rear touch pad seems tailor-made for are Tearaway and Uncharted: Golden Abyss. However, the rear touch pad could be a major turn off and frustrating to use. The PS Vita also has the ability to use the new application Sony is pushing forth, the Playstation Now. Requiring an internet speed of 5Mbs or higher, games can be downloaded and streamed directly from Playstation Now. In addition to Playstation Now, the Vita can also play remotely with the PS4. The setup is extremely easy and great to use if you have your PS4 in the living room when someone else wants to watch TV.  The ability to play games remotely comes with plenty of advantages. If you’re traveling, the battery will typically last around 5-7hours. The battery life is sufficient enough for a good dose of gameplay sessions. The Vita is much more ideal for long playtime sessions because it fits snuggly in your hands  and the screen isn’t too large to ruin your eyes. The memory card though is a major flaw in the Vita’s design. Sony decided not to add any internal storage and instead opted for overpriced memory card sticks. Storage capacity ranges from 4GB to 16GB or, for those willing to shell out more money, you can opt for 32GB and 64GBs. It’s a bummer that you will have to dish out an additional set of money to pick up one of these memory sticks. These are the major pros and cons for the Vita, now lets move over to see what the 3DS has to offer!


Now on the other hand we have the Nintendo 3DS. For comparison purposes, let’s discuss the  3DS XL. Nintendo has been using this model of a dual screen handheld device ever since the first DS makes its debut back in 2009. Not like the Vita, the 3DS gets tons of special edition versions, and just recently Nintendo rolls out a brand New 3DS XL with a C stick on the device. These special edition consoles are hard to come by, so if you ever see one and are interested in it, I would recommend buying it on the spot because they sell out quick. With all these exclusive consoles, we also get a plethora of great exclusive titles featuring iconic Nintendo characters like Mario, Zelda, and Donkey Kong. Nintendo’s been great at making exclusive games specialized for their handheld devices.  Super Smash Bros, Mario Kart 7 and Mario 3D Land are great examples. They push the envelope with familiar characters and gameplay techniques and continue not to fail. These games aren’t just fun to play but they are also beautiful to look at. Nintendo’s art styles are a rare thing to find in games nowadays. They’re more focused on fun gameplay for all ages with minimal to no trace of extreme violence or killing. The 3DS does have access to the eShop which allows them to play basically ALL of Nintendo classics. This comes with their virtual console library that can expand over hundreds of games. Nintendo knows they have a great history of games and uses it to their advantage. Downloading games will be easy and cheaper than on the Vita. The 3DS uses regular SD cards that are more affordable than the Vita’s overpriced memory cards. This comes in handy especially since they have so many games to download, you wont have to go out and spend extra cash on memory cards. Playing long sessions on the 3DS can get irritating to the hands though.  Personally after an hour my hands start to cramp up because of the layout of the buttons and controls. A problem I always had with Nintendo is their button placement. I could never understand why there are random letters on the buttons. They have no sense of order like the PS Vita does. Playstation has a more intuitive purpose in designing the layout of how their buttons and control sticks are placed. Another problem that the 3DS faces is its 3D aspect. On this version of the 3DS XL the 3D does not work and will get you sick within five minutes. Its a good thing they added a switch button to turn the 3D off. With that said, the battery life compared to the Vita is not much of a difference.  They both last around the same time with a full charged battery.

Now with both these consoles being great and fun to use on the go, the decision to pick the best one really comes close to a tie. Both 3DS and Vita have their own strengths and weaknesses. Yes the 3DS holds a better sales record than the Vita, and has a large user community than the Vita, but the Vita does have better internal hardware to run games at higher resolutions. We can go back and fourth all day trying to pick one, but eventually it all boils down to preference. With the features of each device disclosed to you, hopefully it will help you make an informed decision. For argument sake, I personally choose the PS Vita. It comes down to the Vita only because I’ve been playing Playstation ever since I could remember. Playstation got me into gaming, and for that the Vita is near and dear to my heart. So which device do you guys prefer? Let me know in the comments below as I am very interested to hear your thoughts on each console, and for all your latest gaming news and reviews, keep it locked to FGE!


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  • David Rohrig

    why aren’t you comparing the specs of the vita to the specs of the NEW 3ds? If a buyer is not fully aware that the console you are talking about when talking about processing power is not the newest 3ds then they could be misinformed here and run out and buy a vita instead of the NEW 3ds thinking they are buying the more powerful and updated console. This article fuels the confusion that already exists surrounding different models of 3ds’s and misleads parents and less informed consumers. Remove the small mentions of the new 3ds here and this article would have been relevant 2 – 3 years ago. I found this not technically informative and misleading. The article is also very biased. The buttons on the nintendo controllers have been the same since 1991. There is nothing to understand about them and if you haven’t gotten the hang of them after 24 years then u should stick to the vita. I personally love both consoles and would recommend them both depending on your budget and what interests you.

  • Neonridr

    Well ultimately it’s up to personal taste. I use both pretty equally however they are for much different reasons. My vita is primarily used for its remote play functionality as I love to continue playing my PS4 once I have retired to bed. My 3DS is used to play games on it.

    I download the PS+ games each month for my Vita, but rarely do I give them much play time.

    I don’t know what it is, but personally the games on Vita do not appeal to me at all.

    The 3DS wins for me, but that is just my opinion. There are tons of people who will defend the Vita and they have every right to do so. But the games on the 3DS just appeal to my nature more.

  • Death


    So much untapped potential with the Vita. It’s to bad Sony didn’t support this product. I fired up my Vita yesterday to do the update. Neither game on Plus interested me enough to download. Looking at the Monster Hunter review today on the DS has me thinking about picking up a New DS. I might try to wrestle my DSXL from my daughter first.

  • someone who knows more…

    this is an extremely flawed review. The new 3ds is the device that should be compared to the vita. the “older” is very similar to the “newer” vita. The new 3ds is a very different system inside. it just looks similar. don’t let this guy fool you. he’s just a playstation fanboy and, as usual, very misinformed.

  • Jordan

    Thank you for a resonable response to the article. The Vita is dying, if not dead already, I might have to swing over to 3DS in the near future.

  • Jordan

    Excatly, if Sony were to use some resources and market it better, the Vita would be doing a lot better. The new 3DS looks sweet but to me I see no real reason to upgrade.

  • Jordan

    Like I said, I grew up playing Playstation, I stated that fact in the article and thats the exact reason why I prefer Vita over 3DS. Im not saying 3DS is bad its just preference, and the Vita still has a better hardware than the “New” 3DS. I feel Nintendo is always releasing a new version every year and with no major signifigance.

  • Jordan

    Everything your saying is stated in the article above. I clearly stated we’ll be comparing the old vita vs the old 3ds, I see no reason to uprgade as there no major signifigance in either device. Sorry I didnt grow up with Nintendo, so forgive me if I have a difficult time trying to figure out their button configuration. Plus all these new comers will have the same problems that I face trying to figure out why they have such a confusing button layout. Plus the Vita still surpasses the New 3DS hardware, these are all my opinions on both devices, I prefer Vita so I will suggest Vita to others.

  • guess this isn’t working now

    “Another problem that the 3DS faces is its 3D aspect. On this version of
    the 3DS XL the 3D does not work and will get you sick within five
    minutes. Its a good thing they added a switch button to turn the 3D off.”

    Now if you said it didn’t work for you, or that it got you sick then I could understand. But stating the 3D doesn’t work is a blatant lie.

    “Nintendo has been using this model of a dual screen handheld device ever since the first DS makes its debut back in 2009.”

    A slew of misinformation there, since DS was 2004 and 3DS was 2011. Courtesy of Wikipedia.

    On the surface this article looks like some publicity stunt to prop up the Vita, although you did address one of the issues of the system; namely the memory card fiasco, you examine an older system after a newer one is available. Yeah, it doesn’t seem that much of a big deal to you personally, but those who play monster hunter 4 can vouch for the difference. BUT if you REALLY want to mention the difference between the old and new 3ds you need to talk to people who play smash bros. why? The amiibo support.

    Again, doesn’t mean anything to you since you didn’t grow up with amiibos. (couldn’t resist the jab :P)

    if you want to talk about backwards compatibility you should include a list or link of what games are available. Nintendo’s hoarding out the better selections for [insert reason here] (honestly I can’t even pretend to know why) and Sony’s iffy on what can really run on a PSVita. I’d love to see some PS1 titles. Steam kinda works on it too? Overall, your article needs more information and better information. As it stands now, it may as well have been written a year ago.

  • Neonridr

    I got the new 3DSXL Majora’s Mask version, I love the new handheld, the extra analog stick and extra shoulder buttons are great additions.

    I have never played a single Monster Hunter game, but I am going to go pick up MH4U this weekend. It looks too good to pass up.

  • Jordan

    I appreciate your comments. There all true, the article isnt as well percieved as I thought it waould be, these are just personal feelings towards these two machines, nothing against either if them, just prefer Vita a little more. I could have done more research and did the comparasion between the new versions. I am a growing game journalist so all your postives and negatives comments do help me a lot. Thank You guys!

  • David Rohrig

    I understand what you are trying to do with the article I just think it is confusing and misleading. Isn’t a good article for people actually trying to determine which console to buy. Stick to what is most current and state the actual specs and this article could be very useful.

  • Jordan

    Thanks David, every comment helps me grow. It’ll teach me what to do with upcoming articles I got.

  • Jordan

    I hope to hear back from you and your impressions on the new 3DS, if its worth my time upgrading. You can find me on twitter @jordanbiazzo14

  • Lastlight

    “Sorry I didnt grow up with Nintendo, so forgive me if I have a difficult time trying to figure out their button configuration.”

    Don’t fret…I grew up with Nintendo starting with a N64 and STILL for the life of me can’t get used to the buttons. N64 all the way up to Game Cube and Game Boy color all the way up to 3DS.

  • Lastlight

    Do you have Soul Sacrifice Delta.
    And there are amazing games coming out for the vita. Yes the western support isn’t there but let’s be honest what western games do you play on a 3DS?

    I just got Oreshika Tainted Bloodlines with Toukiden Kiwami on preorder. Im waiting for J-Stars +, Resident Evil Revelations 2, while looking at some japanese games with high chances of localization like God Eater 2, SaGa 2015, Digimon Cyber Sleuth, etc.
    1st Party may be dead but 3rd party is just beginning

  • Lastlight

    So how would it seem better if he compared a newer complete revision (The New 3DS) to a release model (The vita 1000)

    That’s like comparing a PSP 1000 to a DSi…

    BOTH 3DS and the Vita 1000 were released around the same time, so please tell me how comparing them is unfair?
    Right now you sound like a Nintendo fan boy and should kindly turn down the heat

  • Lastlight

    I really think this article is fair…I mean would you compare a PSP 1000 to a DSi?

    The only real solution I see is keeping this article but mentioning the New 3DS at the beginning (Most people read the first paragraph after all that’s the hook) and the end (To see the results)

  • HRoach616

    I have both and upgraded my 3DSXL to a N3DSXL. I love both but I find my New 3DS wins my heart. I love the games on it. Consistently good games I havnt played or are on the way. My vita just gets used for PS1 classics like legend of the dragoon sadly. Wish Sony had supported better. Vita has a few great games but those are far and few between and a majority of the quality games are ports anyway.

    3DS wins my personal vote.

  • iSuperSaiyanGod

    Have had both system . 3ds all day , ps vita doesn’t even come in the who big picture look, bang for your buck

  • Higgins78

    Nothing quite like a ‘versus’ to attract the trolls and fan boys – particularly one (a versus) between Nintendo and the rest of the world. Personally I don’t think it’s much of a contest. A Nintendo handheld is a carefully considered thing with software to match, side by side. The Vita is typical of much of Sony’s latest attempts, release some ‘powerful’ hardware to attract the graphic whore, forget the software until its way too late.

  • theFro

    That’s pretty much it.

  • Rosweeson

    Been a 3DS owner since day one, now upgraded to the New XL (did upgrade a couple of times before) absolutely love the cobsole, didn’t want the vita to start with but now got both absolutely brilliant handhelds in their own ways, both vastly different both great make some room 😉 I’m fully digital on Vita it’s so cheap with all the free games and great sales.

  • slappy508

    I have a Vita, wish it had had Monster Hunter 3d though and also majora’s mask. May have to invest in yet another gaming device -_-

  • plmkoh

    “it all boils down to preference. ”

    This guy gets it, wow someone who’s actually rational.

  • Jhandville1992

    You’ll go far with that sort of positive mentality, Jordan 🙂

    It sounds like you might have another article on your hands as well. Maybe you should do the comparison article for the newer versions too? Personally, I know I would be interested in reading that. I look forward to your future articles. 🙂

  • Kasparius

    Here’s the lowdown: PS Vita = better specs, 3DS = better games.

    Therefore if you are not some kind of anally obsessed pixel lover, the 3DS is the clear winner.

    By the way, before someone calls me a fan boy, I own both the vita and the New 3DD and my gamer loyalty is only partial to good games. If you can afford to, buy both, because the Vitas has a Few great games, however if you can only afford one, the 3DS has so many great games it’s not even close, and that’s before you add the retro compatibility with the DS which basically doubles the appeal.

    Graphics and HD are great, but after 10 minutes they get real old when the game is mediocre.

  • Joe

    At the end of the day it’s all about the games. As an RPG guy I picked up a Vita a year back solely for Persona 4 golden. More recently I picked up Ragnarok Odyssey ACE but have been kind of disappointed with the lack of releases on this system (yes there are other popular mentions like soul sacrifice but I never got into that one.
    As for the 3ds, between games like bravely default, monster hunter 4 ultimate, majora’s mask, well for me this system shines much more and convinced us to pick up the new 3ds models.
    So yes, when all said and done it’s personal preference and game selection. If I want something powerful I’ll just get rid of consoles and build another computer.

  • Gamer1982

    Remove the 1st party games from 3ds and the vita trounces it. Lets be honest people buy nintendo for nintendo games. I mean just look at it the graphics are so old a £70 android phone has better graphics and better hardware. You are being ripped off well and truly with a 3DS however people buy them like sweets as they need there pokemon and mario fix. Nintendo know this and push hardware based on it.

  • Neoridr

    lol, how many “3rd party” games exist on the Vita / 3DS?

    Almost every game for each platform are exclusive minus the odd ones here and there.

    Take away all the good games for the 3DS and of course the Vita is better than it, but that’s basically admitting that the Vita is second best.

    Yes the Vita is more powerful, but it certainly doesn’t do much with all that extra potential.

  • TwilightSparkle

    All to true -_-

  • OB1Biker

    Well said
    same goes for home consoles and all those devices have users/fans

  • Toiletsteak

    3DS hands down, it has the better games.

  • Towelie1288

    Picked up a a MM 3ds xl and i love it .

    Better games IMO
    Vita just has indies

  • HentaiMasterRace

    For me it’s Vita, so many great games on it as well, just not well known.

  • theFro

    No Contest. .

  • MartinB105

    I prefer Vita mainly because it’s cheaper to own when factoring in the overall cost including games, accessories, etc. Also, the stereoscopic effect of the 3DS is wasted on me since I can’t see it, and I just love the look of the Vita’s OLED screen.

    The 3DS may have more great games, but I don’t do enough portable gaming to exhaust all the great games I have on the Vita anyway. If portable gaming was my main source of gaming, I would probably prefer the 3DS.

  • Johnny D.

    You’ve been playing Playstation ever since you could remember? So basically you are one of those kids that filled their pants when they got a Nintendo 64!!!!!!!!!!!!! for Xmas? You can substitute Playstation for N64, it still boils down to the same thing. Assuming you were 10 years old when the Playstation launched in 1994, that puts you at around 30ish give or take a few years. That basically means you not only missed the 16bit era of gaming (snes, genesis, etc), but you completely missed the 8bit video game revolution in the United States when Nintendo single-handedly saved video games from utter destruction at the hands of Atari. You don’t even remember what it was like to live in the arcades manically feeding the machines quarter after hard earned quarter. It’s no wonder you’ve chosen the Vita based on your extremely limited (obviously biased) gaming history because you have little if any gaming experience at all. The greatest era of gaming was the 8bit through 32bit era and you barely caught the tail end of that. Everything today is the same reiteration of Call of Duty:(insert anything at the end). Yawn.

    I don’t play games based on hardware specs and I sure as hell don’t play games based on the brand name of a console or handheld. I play games based on whether or not they are well developed and engaging. I’ve owned literally every console since PONG including all the handhelds. I still play the PSP and I’m on the verge of buying a new 3DS XL to relive some Majora’s Mask greatness. I game because I like gaming, regardless of the platform.

    When you start worrying about the brand of the console and what it can do, you’ve completely lost sight of what it is to be a gamer. I really wish these kinds of websites would vet their reviewers more carefully because using someone’s opinion whose gaming experience only goes as far back as the Playstation (1994) is tragic.

  • Jordan

    The Vita does have a lot of potential wasted which is a shame.

  • Jordan

    True, Nintendo keeps their players hooked on certain games like Pokemon and Mario, and they always keep coming back for more

  • Jordan

    Plus all the great indies on Vita are just so fun to play.

  • Jordan

    Thanks Jhandville, I got a couple more of these type of articles and some reviews coming up in the weeks to come, stay tuned 🙂

  • Jordan

    Thank you, when writing this piece I thought I had a sure answer but I couldnt actually prefer one over the other. There both great handhelds with different pros and cons for both of them.

  • Jordan

    Exactly, the home consoles both have their strengths and weakness just comes down to preference.

  • Jordan

    I will be honest, 3DS does have a better lineup of first party games than the Vita. A big reason for that is because Sony kind of left vita to die, if they invested some first party exclusive like Nintendo do with their 3DS, who knows how much fun Vita could really be.

  • Jordan

    Exactly, depends on what people like more , Graphics vs Quality games

  • Jordan

    Yea Vita is filled with indies, but if you try some of them are super fun. I picked up MM 3DS, just waiting to actually start it, looks real fun

  • Jordan

    Hey Johnny, I said I played playstation ever since I could remember, that doesnt mean I started when it launched, Im no where near 30 so the math you did was a little off. Im not biased, its called a preference, I own a Wii U and a 3DS, I just dont see much use of it once Im done playing their exclusives. I feel more at home playing Playstation, that doesnt mean I dont love my Xbox One, where I have over 50+ hours of my Dragon Age character on. I play games for the fun times they bring me, Platform doesnt matter, once the quality of the games are good and once my time isnt waisted.

  • Jordan

    If you own a PS4, I would recomend getting a Vita over a 3DS, esp if you dont do much portable gaming. You can remote play which is a great feature

  • Jordan

    They do have a huge amount of fun first party games

  • Jordan

    I would suggest Persona 4 Golden if you didnt play it already, its a great game with a great story!

  • Jordan

    They both of their strengths and weaknesses, I hope you have fun with the N3DS as it looks very nice esp with the C stick included 🙂

  • Jhandville1992

    I’ll make sure to check them out once they have been published. 🙂

    I also work with FGE and I’ve been trying to establish work relationships with other writers who contribute to the site. I was wondering if you wanted to share social media information so we could keep in touch and perhaps share each other’s work from time to time. Let me know what you think. In the meantime, I’ll be sure to check FGE daily to read those articles you mentioned you were writing.

    I’ve got some articles and reviews on the way as well. If you’re interested, maybe you could check them out in your free time (once they’re published) and let me know what you think of them. 🙂

  • KimikoGaming

    I wish people would just stop fighting over which system is better, because literally every system this console generation, whether it has to do with hardware or the amount of good games, is fantastic. The only one that doesn’t have enough good games to warrant a purchase is the Xbox One, but once more good exclusives like Halo 5 and Scalebound come out, it will be worth it.

  • davidlowe

    who cares, they are both dinosaurs, it doesn’t matter how good the screen is, how snappy they run, they are not a smartphone and will cease to exist in 2 to 3 years, Apple will crush them underfoot like all the other devices that complete for a small share of the cake, They should quickly release all the software for IOS and at least save some of the shareholders funds, if not then they will disappear like Palm and the rest

  • Jordan

    great idea, Ive been thinking about get to know the other writers and start some new projects for the site, follow me on twitter @jordanbiazzo14 and ill gladly follow back 🙂

  • Jordan

    Glad you feel my pain, theres just no method to there buttons which can confuse to players to the console

  • Spotie

    Not gonna lie, there are quite a few games on 3DS I’d like to play. The software is top notch.

    My problem is as many have noticed: Nintendo pumps out 5 versions of the same handheld, and everybody eats every iteration up. Limited editions and a dozen colors… The colors are cool, but the many hardware revisions are a bit much for me.

  • DragoonPoon

    I don’t understand what you’re saying. Do the multiple versions of the handheld confuse you so you don’t know which to buy? Or does offering diversity in their product line offend you and you’re declining to support their decision by not giving them your money?

  • epicgrinds

    I like how the New 3ds is practically omited from this comparison.
    Wow no street pass mentioned
    criticing the button layout when it is litterally the same swap shapes for letters

    There was no game library breakdown. Witch is imo yhe place that the these consoles varied the most. They both have good games.

    well as he stated in the begining most fans make there choice and fiercely defend it to the end. But as he stated in the end he is a Sony fan allways has been and Suprize! He recomends Vita.

    And yes i own both too I just never play the Vita because they lost Monster Hunter

  • GokuSolosAll

    First, facts. Even New 3DS is inferior to Vita in nearly every way possible, hardware-wise. Vita has a better online experience, and Vita runs more smoothly in every way. The only way the 3DS has a solid lead on Vita is where it counts most, and that’s games. Though Vita is doing okay, there’s a distinct lack of good games and just general quantity, comparatively.

    Second, opinions. We all have them. Personally, I prefer Vita. Games are most important but there’s enough qualify it as my favorite and its potential is undeniable. I like 3DS as well, but it gets less use from me. I’m currently playing DS games on it because there’s not a ton of what I want for 3DS. Luckily I have a backlog of DS to kill like 999 and Last Window so it’s DEFINITELY getting use. I just think Vita is the Apple Kid, so to speak.

  • HentaiMasterRace

    And Nintendo’s next handheld still will be inferior to the Vita power wise.

  • DragoonPoon


    Because, you know, you’re psychic.

  • DragoonPoon

    I like the Vita a lot from a hardware perspective. But the games I want to play are on 3DS. Not only the first party titles, but third party as well. 3DS has Kingdom Hearts, Monster Hunter, Sonic the Hedgehog, Resident Evil, Bravely Default. The same can’t be said for Vita. And the two exclusives I was tempted by, Tearaway and Assassin’s Creed Liberation, have been ported to PS4. I have a great phone that I play Telltale releases, Stranger’s Wrath HD and emulate on so I really don’t have need for a Vita.

    While the 3DS does have weaker hardware, I love the 3D effect and I like the clam-shell design which makes me feel that my screen is more protected.

    I mean, if I got a Vita for free I’d love it. But Sony pulled the plug on first party software. It just doesn’t feel like a worthwhile investment to me.

  • captainexplosion

    Vita wins in a landslide for me. Other than Mario 3DS simply doesn’t release games I care about. I find zelda, Pokémon, and Animal Crossing boring and don’t understand their popularity. Vita constantly gives me something to do. Just yesterday I got the wonderful OlliOlli 2 for free. I have an enormous backlog.

  • Paul-p1988

    Same here, I have over 70 games that I’ve bought on my Vita now (probably the most I’ve owned for any of my consoles or portables!) that doesn’t include the PS+ games, so my backlog is INSANE! It’s by far my most used device at the moment.

    I bought a DS because I felt like I needed one, and then only owned 4 games that looked mildly interesting (Pokémon Diamond being the one I bought it for, what a waste of money!! so boring compared to the older games)… Same with the Wii me and my wife wanted, it has 3 games… (one of which being the free Wii Sports game). Nintendo games are just boring now. All the Ninty fans laugh about CoD/Fifa etc being the same every year, well that’s how non-ninty fans see Pokémon, Mario, Zelda etc.

    No 3DS or WiiU for me 🙂

  • Wolf howl1

    I am nonbiased, i grew up with each company, i luv both, but honestly i gotta say the vita wins in my eyes, i hav the 3ds xl n the vita slim, i had the 3dsxl since 2013 n i got my vita less than 2 weeks ago. i always thought the ps vita has mostly evrything a modern handheld device is supposed to hav: faster phone-like internet n cpu, dual shoxk analogs, extra trigger repacements(touch pad replaces it), better online/multiplayer capabilities, n much more 3rd party games of today’s usual gaming topics such as minecraft. another thing is that nintendo’s (3ds too) systems r always lagging behind modern day technology n gaming capabilities, yeah the systems r mainly hav to be focused on gaming, but obviously modern handhelds r going to hav to advanxe thru the times too, ps vita is good in both areas. i think the new 3ds just came out to keep up with the ps vits abilities jus sayin also if u guys hav a sony or nintedo system, my name on 3ds is “Star-zone”(i can tell u my fc), n my ps3/4 name is “mikyoj”, n muy vita name is “Scythe_reaper777” but yea…

  • dcj91x

    “Sorry I didnt grow up with Nintendo, so forgive me if I have a difficult time trying to figure out their button configuration.” … Ummm, I started with a tellstar system and have played sega systems, PS systems, Microsoft systems and many others… I have never had a problem understanding “controll” especially on a Nintendo system. It seems to me to be more of a lack of caring to learn controlls, especially with the comment about “not growing up with nintendo.”

  • A Player

    I just “moved” from ps vita to 3ds, the only thing that convicted me to move is that I don’t like achievement/trophy system, and 3ds gave me what I have lost long ago in gaming experience.. gaming world of freedom without achievement/trophy system.. I started nes – psone – xbox (not a good decision, but I still enjoyed) – xbox 360 (achievement/trophy system started irritating me) – ps vita (still irritated by achievement/trophy system) and finally I returned home to nintendo (New 3DS XL).. I never thought/aware that I went back to nintendo until I wrote this comment.. I love to play games freely, with no worries if my nephew or younger relatives would ruin my achievement/trophy (which I oddly thought that it should be me who got that trophy) by playing my games because 3DS got no such system (some games have it but I guess they are not be tied with account).. I would say to myself: “well come back to the gaming world”

    sorry if my comment is out of topic

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