5 Reasons Why You Should Definitely Play ‘Top Eleven 2015’

We’re not long into 2015 and already a bunch of new mediocre IOS and Android games have graced us. Not to worry though, blockbuster titles like The Order: 1886 haven’t quite gone down well with gamers either. 2015 is set to be a revolutionary year for the mobile gaming space and with hand held experiences like Infinity Blade blurring the lines between Triple AAA and mobile quality, soon we will all be rejoicing in an Assassin’s Creed adaptation in our deep pockets. In the meantime, Top Eleven 2015 is taking the app markets by storm, selling a staggering 2 million downloads in its first week and giving gamers ultimate fun in managing a football team from the bottom of the League to champions of the Cup. Due to the disappointments of 2015 so far, there are 5 great reasons why you should definitely play Top Eleven 2015 and experience a seriously addictive soccer game.

5) “The Road To Victory”


The minute you freely download Top Eleven 2015 and thrust yourself into the competitive football management world, success is your clear driving force. The League, which you are automatically entered in to, lasts 28 days and finishing in the top 4 will guarantee you a Champions League spot. A Cup also runs within that time for any elite mangers who wish to unleash their awe-inspiring teams on the unfortunate. Just strolling down your friends list, due to the implementation of Facebook, and seeing friends winning trophies is a clear enough motivation for you to put in some serious hours and win the formidable trophies. Don’t let me give you the impression that those long hours will be spent partaking in monotonous tasks and dull activities, they’re not! Many hours will be spent transferring in players, upgrading stadiums, training up your team and sorting out your clubs finances – this is the most complete and comprehensive management simulator I’ve ever seen and its immediately available for everyone to pick up and play.

4) Live Transfer Market


You start your journey off in Top Eleven 2015 with 8 million pounds and that’s enough to set up a basic team and dominate the early stages of any League or Cup. After time, you’ll need to embrace the thrilling live transfer market, purchasing players to reinforce your team which makes for some truly exciting games. The transfer market is an adrenaline filled playground, occupied by 10 million competitive managers willing to spend some serious bucks to outbid you and put you in your place. The fact that it’s a live transfer market makes it exciting and possible to pick up some glorious 5 star magicians of the game. Away from the transfer market, there is a “pay to win” aspect of Top Eleven. This can be a frustrating compromise, especially when you’re set to play a suspiciously skilled team in a final, however a compromise which has to be made for Top Eleven 2015 to remain free and available to the masses. Additionally, it’s nice to see official items make an appearance with Premier League jerseys standing out as being the must have items.

3) Social Functionalities

The common stereotype with Facebook integrated games today is that they’re generic addictive time fillers that spam your notifications. This has been the case with numerous online titles in the past, like 8 Ball Pool and Candy Crush Saga, however Top Eleven 2015 bucks this frustrating trend and utilises Facebook to improve its successful Top Eleven formula. Facebook is utilised to display all your Facebook friends currently playing the game, compare teams, send gifts to each other and challenge friends in competitive friendlies to determine who will rein supreme. It’s a competitive game after all! I’m glad to report that Top Eleven 2015 has found the right balance with Facebook’s involvement and it is an approach that many game developers should take note of going forward.

2) Managing Strategies


Top Eleven is really impressive and includes many elements that I have seen and experienced throughout my career” – Jose Mourinho. Top Eleven 2015 contains a solid tactical system if you wish to fully experience the high life of a football manager, however it’s also accessible for the casual consumers. Any formation can be picked, any team mentality can be set and important live transfers can be made real-time on match day – you feel like you are in complete control of your team and therefore your eagerness to win many trophies far exceeds any other competitive management game out there. As you are the manger, it’s your responsibility to keep your players happy. Mentality boosters can be bought with in-game currency, as well as injury and fitness boosters too. Top Eleven 2015 gives you so many options to experiment and come up with your own successful formula, you won’t want to put it down until every trophy is yours.

1) “Build Your Football Empire”

After you have comprised a team from your original fund and started winning trophies, you can enroll yourself in the expansion of your football empire to become a real threat on the world leader boards. Enjoy developing amazing stadiums and facilities in the detailed “ground” overview, paying for each aspect of the stadium as you go. The first upgrade you will likely adopt is the seats which will take the capacity from a messily 200 to an average 600. The “ground” aspect of the game will likely take you months to compete, with the game adopting a progression system for you to improve your club seat by seat and make for an addictive game which will keep you coming back day after day. I’ve said it before and I will say it again, Top Eleven 2015 is the most comprehensive and complete football management game I have ever had the delight to pick up and play. Whether you’re on the train, bus or just sat at home, Top Eleven 2015 is fantastic and leaves FIFA 15‘s career offering in its wake.

Christopher Loi
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