Spiderman Will Return To The Marvel Cinematic Universe


For the longest time we heard rumors of Spiderman crossing over to the Marvel cinematic universe. As we all know Spiderman was originally part of the Avengers but since Sony held the rights to all Spiderman movies, we thought Spiderman would never see the light of day as an Avenger. Earlier today we received great news that Spiderman will be slinging his web over to the Marvel cinematic universe. This means Spiderman will appear in future Marvel films (just not the upcoming Avengers sequel slated for release in May 2015).


Sony and Marvel has already confirmed that Andrew Garfield, the Spiderman from the recently rebooted Spiderman movies, won’t be returning as Peter Parker nor Spiderman. This is strange as we just really got to know Andrew Garfield as the new Spiderman, now he must leave and it’s time for a new Peter Parker. I’m interested to see if we are going to get ANOTHER origin story of spiderman or if we get new stories built on Garfield’s version of Spiderman.

What do you guys feel about this new Spiderman news? Are you excited to see Spiderman as a part of the marvel universe where he belongs? Leave your comments down below and for more news for how Spiderman will play into the Avengers and on who will play the next web head keep it locked to FGE!

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