Is GTA Online Heists Finally Arriving?

Rockstar said that the next major update will include Online Heists, the highly anticipated feature for the Online part of the game ,will have you and your friends making your own heist plans to rob major stores like a jewelry store or a bank.  We saw trailers back when the game first released last year on PS3 & 360, but it’s been delayed since. This will be a free “DLC” through update 1.19. I think they will release more Heists missions later on but those will probably cost money.


Update patch 1.19 should include bugs fixes and Heists, if Rockstar sticks to their word it should release in the first week of December. My guess would be Tuesday or Thursday, since those are the days that games usually release. Tuesday Dec 2, we also have Telltales Game Of Thrones  which is very anticipated game, we’ll see this week if Online Heists for GTA V releases.

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  • “Rockstar said that the next major update will include Online Heists,” Yet, two updates later (I’m now on 1.20) and we still don’t have heists. Two Tuesdays have also gone by (the 2nd and the 9th), and still no heists. Any more brilliant speculation and predictions?

  • Jordan Biazzo

    Hey Fred, I was really hoping for it to cone out with the 1.19 patch but I quess there not ready yet. Im just going off rumours and trusted sites sorry to dissapoint , hopefully by the end of the year well see heists arrive.

  • Rockstar will hold off heists for as long as possible. Online is all about selling shark cards and generating revenue for Rockstar. In order to continue pushing shark card sales, Rockstar will not give players a means to make decent money on heists. The time spent vs. money earned ratio will be about the same as any other mission. That works out to about $20k per 15 minutes. We all know how far $20k goes in this game due to the stupid high prices of things. Players will quickly figure out that the payout for heists is disappointing.

  • Jordan

    Yea I see what you mean but atleast it would give some new mission structure to online. If its anything like they promised where you gotta plan and pick different ways to pull off a heist, it will be a cool thing to see if done correctly.

  • Agreed. It will be fun for the first several playthroughs. After that, I hope they are better at adding new heist content than they have been with contact missions. But, we are getting ahead of ourselves. We don’t even have heists yet. If they don’t drop on or before this Tuesday, it’s not likely we’ll see them before next year. I doubt much will happen at R* once the holiday season goes into full swing. Even Rockstar Devs deserve to spend holiday time with their families. 🙂

  • Jordan

    True, if they dont get it out by this tuesday, there going to probably wait untill next year, I did hear they were bringing snow for the holiday season maybe it’ll be in that patch.

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