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Riddle Me This! Quick Thoughts On Titanfall, Rogue, and the Steambox.

I have some random gaming thoughts I’d like to share with you all today.  These are ideas that I’ve been trying to write a blog around, but have realized that there’s not enough content to warrant a stand-alone blog.  Instead, I’ve decided to pull all them all into a new blog I simply called, “Riddle Me This.”

RIDDLE ME THIS: why did Titanfall get such flak for being a 6 versus 6 multiplayer, whereas Destiny did the exact same thing, only to be met with praise?

I think that Titanfall’s map design had a lot to do with this.  Considering that each map had to warrant great pilot versus pilot action, each map also had to accommodate for large titan versus titan combat as well.  The end result was a pretty generously sized map that was filled with AI “grunts” which served as fodder to keep the player engaged until an enemy pilot was engaged.  It is pretty sad that the game, which most loved (ourselves included!), was panned so hard on this point.  While the metacritic scores won’t really reflect this, many of us Reddit and other internet forum pundits will all agree that Titanfall didn’t live up to the pre-launch hype.

"Where did we go wrong?"

“Where did we go wrong?”

RIDDLE ME THIS: why was Assassin’s Creed Rogue unveiled only this week, when Assassin’s Creed Unity has been hyped up since pre-E3?

I really thought I had this one all sorted out and came to the conclusion that this must be a budget DLC experience.  My thought was that the game would follow Edward around again, reutilizing the same map assets, cities, and characters and just add some new content (in the way of missions, seek-and-destroy bounties, etc.).  Then I saw the trailer, and the price.  The latter was the discovery that this was in fact a full priced title.  The former led me to believe that this was going to be a lot more than some run of the mill DLC.

And in fact, Ubisoft has come forward and given more details, including plot, locale, and characters.  It sounded to be like a full-fledged Assassin’s Creed title.  All of this makes me feel like there is more to the story here, and that this game still may not a full fledged 30+ hour adventure like the former Assassin’s Creed titles were.  Fragmenting the audience and forcing people to buy two games is a pretty risky move on Ubisoft’s part, and I suspect the success (or failure) of Rogue will determine if this somewhat risky strategy turns out to be a profitable one.

A rare snapshot of our hero.  This game is marred in secrecy.  Why?

A rare snapshot of our hero. This game is marred in secrecy. Why?

RIDDLE ME THIS: why did Nintendo partner with Mercedes Benz?

Of all the odd gaming news, I was surprised to see that the folks at Nintendo will be providing free DLC to all Mario Kart 8 owners in the way of three new Mercedes Benz vehicles.  That’s right, 1957 300 SL Roadster, the 1934 W 25 Silver Arrow and the GLA SUV will all make their Mario Kart debut on August 27, 2014.  Of all the promotional opportunities Nintendo has had (or not had) over the years, and this is what they finally land on?

Don’t get me wrong, free downloadable content is always a welcome, in any shape or form, but I can honestly say I never thought to myself, “Mario Kart would be way cooler if Donkey Kong could take that Mercedes Benz 300 SL for a quick lap around Rainbow Road!”  That said, I guess I have to give the folks at Nintendo some credit for continuing to keep Mario Kart 8 one of the hottest and most socially relevant games by adding even more for us to discuss.  Even Evil Luigi nods in approval at this.

How many gold coins for that?

How many gold coins for that?

RIDDLE ME THIS: where’s the Steambox?

Let’s face it, there were many of us were really pumped when Valve announced they were going to fight for living room space against like likes of the Microsoft Xbox One, Nintendo Wii U and the Sony PlayStation 4.  We got to see this spiffy new space-aged controller, the promise of easy-to-use software with full access to the Steam Store, and most importantly, a great price point for new computer users.  Then we were further teased when many famous industry partners lined up to support various performance and price points as well.  And then, we waited.

And waited.  I’m not talking “Duke Nukem Forever waited,” but here we are quite some time later with little to show for.  Now we all know that Valve, at least in the software side of things, isn’t in any rush to deliver products (cough cough Half Life 3).  And while they have no experience in physical hardware being pushed out, it’s understandable that they may be a bit skittish about making such a big commitment as a new hardware rollout.  But at the end of the day, all we’re buying is a computer with a Valve sticker on the cover, and with a Steam OS pre-loaded for use.  That’s it.

Now here we are, with a “TBA 2015” date looming over our head, and we still wait.

The design has changed again.  The wait continues.

The design has changed again. The wait continues.

I hope you enjoyed this version of Riddle Me This.  I’ll have plenty more to say in the near future, but until then, I’d love to hear your comments and thoughts below.

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  • MRMagoo123

    Because titanfall had no where near as much content as destiny does that’s why. You can’t disagree if you are being honest, I played it on pc and felt it was severely lacking in everything from weapons to game modes.

  • Funantic1

    I like Titanfall better than a Destiny but Titanfall has the bots. People have problems with the bots. Let’s have a team deathmatch without the bots and I’ll be happy. And add more weapons. Btw Titanfall’s new m

  • JakeTyler93

    I don’t feel like Titanfall had enough content to be considered as a full game. I played the beta and really liked it, but I was disappointed by how few options there were in the full game.


    I agree that as a whole, Titanfall doesn’t have nearly the content of Destiny. But putting our blinders on for a minute and speaking ONLY multiplayer (which yes, I know is Titanfall’s whole offering), the complaints came when Titanfall wasn’t 10 v 10 or larger. I suspect people are right and it has more to do with bots than anything (which I didn’t mind, since I actually felt like I was helping!).

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