Pros And Cons Of PlayStation Now


Playstation Now is a streaming service offered by Sony to play past games on any of their consoles, phones and certain TVs. It’s basically an answer for backwards compatibility but with a price tag attached with it. There’s definitely some great potential for this service but it is an uphill battle as of now. We’re going to unfold this PS Now dilemma to see if it’s worth it or if it’s a hit and miss.

Prices for Games

The PS Now has over 100 titles from PS3 that can be played, and some games are pretty recent while others are quite old. Now not all the prices are bad but for example the F1 2013 racing game is $50 for 90 days and GameStop is currently selling it for $40 while Amazon has it for $35. So is it worth to spend 50$ for 90 days and not even own the game or go to Amazon or GameStop and actually buy the disc?

Prices for Games

With the new subscription plan Sony put out, it is a little better than paying for each game individually. You can either choose a 1 month package for $19.99 or 3 months for $44.99. Some games alone are $20 or more for 90 days such as Uncharted: Drakes Fortune. The bad thing about this subscription is that you can’t play all the games in the PS Now library. Certain games will make you pay for their own rental cost for “x” amount of days. Also the cloud that Sony built with gaikai allows you to play on any device , save the game and then open the game on another device and load the last save and continue playing where you last left off. That is definitely one of the most coolest features of PS Now.


Connection and Latency Problems

I have a couple of issues with the latency with PS Now. Latency is the milliseconds of lag that it takes for the controls to communicate with the TV. Most games have latency even when owning the disc especially if you own a bigger TV/monitor than 26 inches. It’s basically not noticeable while playing with a disc version of a game unless you’re playing super competitively in a Battlefield or Call of Duty online match, which then means that every second counts. PS Now’s suggested requirement is to have an internet speed of 5 mb or higher to stream games wirelessly. It also suggests to plug your internet box straight into the back of the PS4 console. I don’t know about anyone else but my internet box is not set up close to a PS4 which means I’m going to have to stream it wirelessly which could bring on a host of other problems such as interference, all of which can get extremely annoying. Before actually purchasing a rental it will make sure that you’re able to stream the game, and this is what really bothers me. After completing the online test you can jump into your rental, and for maybe 5-10 mins it’ll run smooth but then bam! Out of nowhere your game starts to lag all over the place. It’s similar to the Telltale’s The Walking Dead game on PS3 or PS Vita where some scenes lag for like 5 seconds and the game responds 5 seconds late after you press your control buttons. This really just kills the whole PS Now for me and I totally don’t want to waste my time with it. Plus I tested it out on 4 separate occasions with 4 different games: 1)Crazy Taxi 2) Resident Evil 5 3) MGS Collection 4)Uncharted: Drakes Fortune. It’s not like its sub-par internet in my house, but the gameplay experience via PS Now streaming does disappoint. I’m starting to have doubts for PS Now.

PlayStation’s Ecosystem

Sony’s been around for a while so no doubt they have a HUGE collection of great games to be played. We don’t have any PS1 or PS2 classics yet but Sony did promise they were planning to bring them to PS Now in the near future.

PlayStation’s Ecosystem

Bringing back games like Crash Bandicoot or the Spyro games would be an asset to the PS Now library. This will definitely bring newcomers to PS Now who didn’t get a chance to play any of these classics. This could even boost subscriptions for the service. Nintendo’s built up their library, enabling you to go way back and play classics like the original Super Mario Bros, Metroids, and Mega Man. It’s a good thing Sony finally realizes that they also have classics like Nintendo and people will pay to play these games. Rumors were that Sony’s 1st party developers might have been working on a Crash Bandicoot for PS4. If this were to happen there is no doubt in my mind that people would go crazy and absolutely buy the game. Imagine a “Knack” version of Crash Bandicoot? Knack was a decent game but replaces Knack with Crash and it’s instantly nostalgic, especially if you were lucky enough to grab yourself a retro PS1 theme version of the PS4.
PS Now Overall

PS Now could be Sony’s answer to backwards compatibility and make it work in their benefit or it could turn around and burn them real hard. One thing I would have preferred instead of this PS Now rental service was if they did what the Wii U did and allowed PS4 users to play old games digitally from the PSN store. I’m not a huge Nintendo fan but that is definitely one of the greatest features of the Wii U. Let me know what you guys think about PS Now in the comments below. Is it worth the subscription cost? Does it play smoothly for you guys? Or is it better to just buy an old console and own the discs instead? Im interested to hear your thoughts!