Actors Portraying Glenn and Maggie Become Friends In Real Life After The Walking Dead

Glenn Rhee was a ball-cap wearing kid who knew his way around the city and saved Rick Grimes when he first appeared in The Walking Dead Season One. Actor Steven Yeun recently sat down with Channel Guide Magazine (CGM) to talk about his character Glenn on AMC’s hit show The Walking Dead. Steven claimed that over time as his character moved from season one to season three, the progression of the series gave him his confidence and allowed him to realize what his true purpose was.

“I think it’s been an organic, kind of natural expression of the growth of the character and my growth in the show. In the first season, for me as Steven, it was, ‘How do I not mess this amazing gig up?’ For Glenn, it was kind of the same. You’re there for a reason, Glenn is there for a reason, but what is it exactly? He was still trying to find that identity. And then the second season was a lot of him realizing what his true purpose was and what it means to survive in that type of situation, which is mainly to live for another person or other people. Even as Steven the actor, I found more understanding of what my purpose was an actor and how to play this character. And then third season is both us kind of actualizing it.”

Steven and his co-star Lauren Cohen have become better friends in real life after playing each other’s love interest in the show.

“I’m sure this isn’t the first time that something like this has happened — I don’t know — but it’s very much life imitating art. With Lauren and I getting to know each other last year, that process played out onscreen as it did in real life, because when people kind of show up on our show, it seems like they’re new to the group as well. So that whole of learning them in the show and then learning them as an actor plays out together. It’s really interesting to see how that works, especially with Lauren. It even comes down to a kind of serendipity, too. This season we all moved to the same apartment complex and I remember I moved into my apartment and I called her and said, “Which unit are you in?” and she said four-something-something. I was like, “Mine’s 433. She said, “Open your door.” I opened my door and she’s directly across the hall.”

Steven has always been a fan of The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman and his comics even before joining the cast. He gave his opinion of what it was like to be a part of the media that brought the popular comic book series to life.

“First of all, I think Robert Kirkman is two things. One, he is an amazing mind. And also, he should be dead. I don’t know how he is doing everything that he is doing! He has, like, 18 comic books and 20 kids and he’s probably playing Wall Street and he might be managing some secret hedge fund. He’s crazy. But it’s really great to be part of it. To be part of the medium that tells its own tale and tells its own version of the story and have it be from the mind of the person who created the original version be part of the writing staff is a true testament to the boundaries to which they’re trying to go.”

For more of Steven Yeun’s comments about the future of Season 3, read the rest of Channel Guide Magazine’s interview with Steven here.

Source: CGM

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